Werewolf: The Forsaken


Each Uratha has an auspice, a traditional role in Uratha society, tied to one of five phases of the moon. Luna decides each Uratha's auspice, based on their personality and abilities; accordingly, an Uratha will go through the First Change during the corresponding moon phase. (Most of these auspices differ from those of Werewolf: The Apocalypse in subtle but important ways.) The five auspices have names in the First Tongue:

  • Rahu (The Full Moon, The Warrior) - warriors of all kinds from brawlers to seasoned commanders.
  • Cahalith (The Gibbous Moon, The Visionary) - seers, storytellers and lorekeepers.
  • Elodoth (The Half Moon, The Walker Between) - diplomats to the spirit courts, judges and arbiters.
  • Ithaeur (The Crescent Moon, The Spirit Master) - occultists and keepers of spirit lore and rituals.
  • Irraka (The New Moon, The Stalker) - scouts, spies and trackers.


Tribes are groups of Uratha who have chosen to follow the teachings of one of the totems, five powerful wolf spirits who were among the original children of Father Wolf. (Most of these tribes have partial or direct analogies in the tribes from Werewolf: The Apocalypse.) Each promotes a certain attitude to or agenda behind the hunt. The five tribes, with First Tongue names in parentheses, are:

  • Blood Talons (Suthar Anzuth) - the tribe of Fenris Wolf, who promotes the warrior and wolf aspects of the Uratha.
  • Bone Shadows (Hirfathra Hissu) - occultist and shamanistic Uratha who seek to restore relations with the spirit world and gain a greater understanding of them with the guidance of their patron, Death Wolf.
  • Hunters in Darkness (Meninna) - animalistic scouts and mysterious stalkers; protectors of loci, the spiritual centres of the world. Black Wolf is their totem.
  • Iron Masters (Farsil Luhal) - this tribe, following the teachings of Red Wolf, embrace change and new ideas. They feel a stronger bond with hummanity, keep up with the latest in human technological advances and prefer to claim cities for their territory.
  • Storm Lords (Iminir) - the tribe of Winter Wolf feels that it is their personal responsibility to lead all of their Uratha brethren and seeks to do so through strength of will, force of personality and a higher sense of nobility
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