10 You will readily give your life – or take the life of another – for the individual.
9 You will do practically anything for the individual, including putting yourself in great danger.
8 You will gladly offer resources or influential assistance to the individual.
7 You may put yourself at moderate risk of harm for the individual, and depending on your code of ethics, may kill for him.
6 You feel strongly for the individual and help him even if it inconveniences you. You will gladly fight for the individual.
5 You respect the individual and help him out as long as it's no huge risk or bother.
4 You will aid the individual as long as it doesn't involve risk or anything out of your way.
3 You are loyal to the individual as long as that loyalty doesn't interfere with your own designs.
2 You have a minor sense of kinship toward the individual, but you're not going to go out of your way to help him unless something's in it for you.
1 Fuck 'em. This isn't necessarily hostility, but you don't care about this person on a Vinculum level, though you may on a personal level.

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