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Vid karaktärsskapande:

  • Discipliner kostar exponentiellt mycket att köpa på högre nivåer. Du får 30 exp att fördela över klandiscipliner, inklusive den disciplin du får från din Predator Type.

V:tM Player's Cheat Sheet by Beth

Dice rolls

  • Automatic wins - HOUSERULE: does not apply
  • Win at a cost - ST/PC collab on outcome


Physical conflict

(HOUSERULE: Advanced physical combat rules applies. p300)

Conflict turn


Composure + awareness rating (no roll, vampires and COM breaks ties)

Close combat

Unarmed = STR + Brawl
Melee (onehand) = DEX + Melee
Melee (twohand) = STR + Melee

As per above or…
Dodging = DEX + Athletics

Dealing damage
Winner deals damage with margin
Dodger does none

Unarmed attack vs. unarmed/melee attack or dodge
Next round: Strength + Brawl contest. If win, one of following:

  • Damage the foe as normal attack
  • Bite Attack (2 agg, no penalty to attack roll) (p 213)
  • Hold them in place

If the grappled wins contest they can move next round.

Ranged combat

Gun blazing battle - Vs check = Composure + Firearms
Sniping - Resolve + Firearms
Beyond effective range = -2 dice penalty

Dexterity + Athletics

Sample actions

Pass turn - place last in initiative order
Surprise attack (Dex + Stealth (diff 1) vs. Wits + Awareness)
Ranged one-sided attack vs Dex + Ath
Two sided firearms = Dex+Fir vs Dex+Fir
Dodging (in brawl or melee) Dex+Ath instead of combat skill.
//~ Note: //
Multiple opponents - lose one die from pool when defending against each successive opponent.


Damage - extra weapon damage is added to the total damage after roll.

Taking damage

Superficial: [/]
— Always halved (rounded up) before applied.
Aggravated: [X]
Full tracker = impared = -2 to all relevant rolls.
Further damage = turn sup to agg.
Full tracker (agg damage) = torpor / dead or comatose.


Gifts of the Blood

Ref: VtM5 218

Blush of Life

Cost: Rouse check

  • Appear human (heartbeat, body temperature, breath etc.)
  • Use touch screens
  • Keep food down up to 1h. (Otherwise Sta+Com diff 3 to not throw up immediately)

Blood Surge

Cost: Rouse check
Effect: Add x number of dice to Attribute in a dice pool.
Duration: One roll (including WP re-rolls)

BP 1-2 = +1 die
BP 3-4 = +2 dice
BP 5-6 = +3 dice
BP 7-8 = +4 dice
BP 9-10 = +5 dice

Cannot be applied to Willpower or Humanity rolls

Vampiric Mending

Superficial Health Damage

Cost: Rouse check
Effect: Mend 1+ Superficial Health Damage (according to BP)
BP 0-1 = 1 SHD
BP 2-3 = 2 SHD
BP 4-7 = 3 SHD
BP 8-9 = 4 SHD
BP 10 = 5 SHD

Aggravated Health Damage

Cost: 3 Rouse checks (at next nightfall)
Effect: Mend 1 Aggravated Health Damage (+ one cippling injury)

Discipline bonuses

Discipline power bonus

Number of dies added to rouse check in a turn.

  • Activate a discipline
  • Blush of Life
  • Blood Surge
  • Mend Superficial Damage

BP 0-1 = -
BP 2-3 = +1 die
BP 4-5 = +2 die
BP 6-7 = +3 die
BP 8-9 = +4 die
BP 10 = +5 die

Discipline rouse check re-roll

If more Rouse check dice rolled for discipline activation, choose higher result within these levels.
BP 1-2 = ≤Level 1
BP 3-4 = ≤Level 2
BP 5-6 = ≤Level 3
BP 7-8 = ≤Level 4
BP 9-10 = ≤Level 5


(VtM5 205)

Success: Target (difficulty) number successes (6+ on a pool of d10s)
Critical win: At least one pair of 10s. Pairs of 10s double the successes.
Messy Critical: At least one 10 in Critical Win is a Hunger Die.
Bestial Failure
Rousing the Blood (VtM5 211)
Slaking Hunger (VtM5 211)


Predator Pools

Alleycat: Strength + Brawl (Wits + Streetwise to find a victim.)
Bagger: Intelligence + Streetwise
Cleaver: Manipulation + Subterfuge
Consensualist: Manipulation + Persuasion
Farmer: Composure + Animal Ken
Headhunter: Varies
Osiris: Manipulation + Subterfuge or Intimidation + Fame
Salesman: Manipulation + Subterfuge
Sandman: Dexterity + Stealth
Scene-queen: Manipulation + Persuasion
Siren: Charisma + Subterfuge


Hunger (VtM5 205)
Blood Potency table (VtM5 216)
Hunting (VtM5 306)
Predator Pools (VtM5 307)

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