Attribut: Strength
Some Manifestations are subtle, laying curses on a target or infusing the world around her with the energies of death. The Rage is not subtle at all. At the Sin-Eater’s direction, her geist reaches out and attacks someone. The precise nature of the attack varies depending on the Key used to unlock the Rage. Further, the Sin-Eater can change the appearance of the Rage at any time, as long as it’s thematic to the Key used — a blast of Bestial Rage could send carrion crows to tear his opponent apart or summon a cloud of wasps and bees that crawl all over his flesh. Unless a Key specifically manifests the attack in the physical world, the Rage is generally invisible. The target can perceive its effects, as can certain supernatural creatures using powers such as vampiric Aura Perception or a warlock’s Mage Sight.

The basic power of the Rage allows a Sin-Eater to attack a target at a range of up to ten yards per dot of Psyche. The activation roll for the Rage is also the attack roll, with each success dealing a point of bashing damage. The attack roll subtracts Defense or another Trait in the place of defense, depending on the Key (referred to as the Key Defense).

Rage ••: The damage may be bashing or lethal.
Rage •••: The Sin-Eater may ignore modifiers for concealment up to and including “substantially concealed” (World of Darkness, pg. 182).
Rage ••••: The range extends to line of sight.
Rage •••••: The Sin-Eater may inflict aggravated damage, at the cost of one Willpower per attack.

Aktivera Ursinnet

Kostnad: 1 plasma
Slag: Strength + (Key Skill) + Ursinnet rating.
Handling: Omedelbar

Roll Results

  • Dramatic Failure: The plasm wracks the Sin-Eater’s body, dealing a point of lethal damage.
  • Failure: The attempt to manifest the Rage fails.
  • Success: The Sin-Eater manifests the Rage, directing his geist to strike at someone. The target takes one point of damage (bashing, lethal or aggravated depending on Rage rating) per success.
  • Exceptional Success: The terrible wounds inflicted by such potent Rage are their own reward.

Elementens ursinne

Skill: Occult
Key Defense: Stamina
The Sin-Eater infuses his attacks with the power of one of the four classical elements, altering its effects as appropriate. Note that each Elemental Key must be acquired separately.

Kalla vindens ursinne

Skill: Occult
Key Defense: Stamina

The Cold Wind Rage chills its victims to the bone, carrying a spectral chill only the target can feel. In addition to damage, the Cold Wind Rage inflicts a penalty to Defense and Speed equal to the Sin-Eater’s Rage rating for the duration of the scene (not cumulative).

As the damage rises in lethality, the effects become more pronounced. Frost may form on the victim’s skin. A person slain by the Cold Wind Rage may have her heart frozen in her chest, or even leave a frozen corpse that shatters and slowly melts away.

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Industriella ursinnet

Skill: Crafts
Key Defense: Durability
The Industrial Rage smashes and breaks the inanimate. This power is used against material objects rather than entities. The Sin-Eater unlocks the power and rolls to attack as usual, targeting the object’s Durability. Anachrotech penalties do not apply to this use of the Industrial Rage; it is no harder to destroy a modern piece of equipment.

An alternate use of this power is to channel the Sin-Eater’s Rage through a man-made item. By spending a point of plasm, the Sin-Eater may add his Rage rating to the dice pool of any attacks made with a man-made item, although
this bonus becomes subject to anachrotech penalties. (In order to gain the full bonus, for instance, the item must
have been manufactured before 1960.)

Passionerade ursinnet

Skill: Intimidation
Key Defense: Composure

The Passion Rage digs through the victim’s memories, bringing back moments of weakness and pain to cripple the Sin-Eater’s foe. When the Sin-Eater unlocks the Passion Rage, she inflicts mental trauma that deals bashing damage.

Passionerade ursinnet ••

The Sin-Eater can intimidate her foes by wrapping her image in with his victim’s fears. The victim receives a –2 penalty to any Social rolls made against the Sin-Eater for the duration of the scene.

Passionerade ursinnet •••

This emotional onslaught may make a victim freeze up in terror. The player may spend an extra point of plasm to reduce her victim’s Defense to 0 until his next turn.

Passionerade ursinnet ••••

This attack focuses the victim’s thoughts on his own mortality. For each point of damage dealt, the Sin-Eater can spend two points of plasm to drain one point of Willpower from the victim instead.

Passionerade ursinnet •••••

At this level, the Sin-Eater can devastate her target’s mind. The player spends 2 plasm and 1 Willpower, and rolls Manipulation + Empathy + Rage rating – the lower of target’s Resolve and Composure. Each success reduces one of the target’s Mental Attributes by one point. This Attribute damage heals at the same rate as lethal damage.

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