Namn Avdelningar Förklaring AKA
The Realm ”Verkligheten”
The Gauntlet Skyddbarriären Shroud, Wall, Horizon
The Periphery Där väggen är tunn
Penumbra På andra sidan gauntlet (närmast verkligheten). Major landmarks such as large buildings, old trees, or topographic features have visible variants in the Penumbra. Shadowlands, Mirror Lands,
Near Umbra High (Astral) Umbra Abstract ideas Astral Plane
Middle Umbra Shamanistic spirit world dominated by primordial forces
Low Umbra Where many humans go when they die Underworld
Near Universe Deep space
Horizon Separates Near Umbra from Deep Umbra
Deep Umbra
Zones The Dreaming — Arcadia Dreamtime, Maya
Hollow Worlds (Inner Umbra)
Null Zone This strange region permeates the Near Umbra, connecting all places to all other places through a series of small tunnels. Most notably, almost all supernatural, magical, and technological phenomena simply cease to function within this region. Guns won't fire, werewolves lose their spiritual gifts, and mages can't alter reality. The one exception is abilities that allow a person to cross a Gauntlet - by travelling to another place in the Null Zone and passing back through into the Umbra, a traveller will enter another locations, seemingly at random.
Vistas roaming scenescapes / overtake a traveller's senses

Referenser i scenarion

Santa Cruz by Night


  • Frida skulle skickas till en del av Mellersta umbran där hennes sire tagit skydd.
  • Krizzie skulle skickas till en närmare del av astralplanet.
  • Julia skulle skickas till en del av lågumbran.
  • Sfär 23 är det namn Svalnäsorden gett den del av Avgrunden som de når via portalen. Avgrunden ligger någonstans i Near Umbra.

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