De Slitna


Nicknames: De Blödande, Illviljans Offer, Den Röde Ryttarens Utvalda.
Keys: Stigmatans nyckel, Passionsnyckeln

The Torn died by violence: a bullet by a mugger, a knife by a rapist, a beating by a mob. As a result, the Bleeding ones tend to be violence-oriented: one might be obsessed with vengeance or a particularly brutal form of justice, while another might be what can only called a living saint; working to prevent violence and bring about understanding and reconciliation. However, violence is always a part of their new existences in one way or another.

The geists of the Torn almost invariably represent this violence: A skinless woman with knives for fingers and barbed wire for hair who screams for vengeance, a thin man wearing a hoody which constantly drips blood and trails a smell of gunpowder, a collection of voices all screaming for mercy in a dozen different languages.

The Deathsight of the Victims of Malice is equally violent. A blinding headache, a momentary veil of blood over their eyes, and the dead appear, showing every wound, bruise and trace of poison appears in disturbing vividness.

De Tysta


Nicknames: De Svultna, Försummelsens Offer, Den Svarte Ryttarens Utvalda.
Keys: Stillhetens nyckel, Kalla vindens nyckel

Starvation is arguably one of the most common ways to die: when so much of the world doesn't have enough to eat this is more or less inevitable. However, not all of those who die stay dead. The Starved Ones died through deprivation of some kind: food is the most obvious, but also air, drugs (particularly withdrawal), even less definable lacks such as love or care. Suicides are most likely to come back as a Chosen of the Black Horseman, especially if they committed suicide through loneliness.

The Silent have known true deprivation, and the powerlessness that comes with it. As a result, they tend to be more materialistic than other Bound. They don't just want, they need: an alcoholic may not drink anymore, but that need is still there, just sublimated into resolving ghosts.

The geists tend to represent this hunger and need: a grossly fat pig on two legs follows a Bound who died of anorexia, or a kind of psychic vacuum.

The Deathsight of the Starved Ones is slow: ghosts appear empty and threadbare, the Sin-Eater looks impossibly thin and emaciated.

De Tagna


Nicknames: De Slukade, Elementens Offer, Den Bleka Ryttarens Utvalda.
Keys: Urtidsnyckeln, Gravjordsnyckeln

Nature is beautiful and impossibly complex. But it is also merciless, brutal and totally impersonal. The Prey understand this, and seek to understand the patterns that lead to life or death. The Bound who died in a hurricane examines the paths they take, attempting to see how Nature claims her dead. The man who was in a beach house with his family when the tsunami hit tries to understand the bigger picture, life and death and demons and spirits, how they all fit together.

The geists of the Eaten tend to be more…elemental than the others. A small storm cloud follows the hiker, and sometimes if you look at it the right way (or maybe the wrong way) it looks to have eyes of lightning and fists of thunder. Another is a constant rain of stone, speaking through the sound of clattering slate.

The Deathsight of the Victims of the Elements never stops, and sometimes seems more solid than the "true" sights they see.

De Drabbade


Nicknames: De Härjade, Pestens Offer, Den Vite Ryttarens Utvalda.
Keys: Hjärnspökets nyckel, Tårdränkta nyckeln

Often those who have cancer or AIDS or similar talk about a battle with the disease. However, the Stricken know that, in the vast majority of cases, this is so much rubbish: either the disease will get you or it won't, with your actions often being little more than distractions. The Stricken lost, but as a result gained the ability to fight and win other battles. However, they rarely fight with strength or violence like the Torn: more often they fight with their minds, seeing around problems rather than through them.

The geists of the Ravaged Ones are possibly the most varied: a sentient tumor wandering across its hosts body, a figure of bees or flies, a charred figure in a nurses outfit with two scalpels instead of hands.

Deathsight is insidious, often unnoticed until too late. One minute, the man in front of you looks healthy. Slowly, you see the infection inside him, killing him. The ghosts in a hospital all share a kind of non-colour cloud around them, indicating the rampant epidemic that claimed them all.

De Glömda


Nicknames: Träffade av Blixten, Olyckans Offer, Den Grå Ryttarens Utvalda.
Keys: Industriella nyckeln, Likbålets nyckel

Sometimes you see on the news freak accidents that happen: a man digging in his garden unearths a WWII shell that explodes as his spade hits it, a woman puts her laundry in the dryer, not noticing her scarf stuck in the door and is strangled before anyone comes in. From the outside, these deaths are so bizarre and unlucky that they are almost funny; but each time someone died, and sometimes they come back.

The Grey Horseman comes from a vision that a Forgotten had a couple years ago: a fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse, on a grey horse, the Bearer of the Gun and Thrower of the Dice. Within months, it was accepted as common myth (Sin-Eater culture being what it is). Nobody knows if the Grey Horseman strictly exists, but those who die by chance are certainly different from other Bound. The Forgotten are the ones most likely to not explore the Underworld or tend to ghosts. However, they are also the ones most likely to be found by that aspect of their new lives.

Misfortune geists are arguably the most bizarre of all the Thresholds. A man who died when his brakes failed wakes up wrapped in bed sheets made of bloodied chains, a man who was struck by lightning is permanently paired with a woman wrapped in barbed wire who communicates through song. Just as there is little to no homegeniety among the Lightning-struck, the geists are equally varied.

Deathsight for the Chosen of the Grey Horseman is equally strange. It often appears as a kind of collage, everything at once for a few seconds.

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