Koldunic Sorcery - The Way of Wind

A second avenue of Koldunic Sorcery , the Way of Wind was once manipulated by Tzimisce lords to protect their Eastern European lands. Invoking these powers granted them the ability to control the element of crivat to suit their whims and master the air they once breathed in their mortal days. People of Eastern Europe, especially in Romania, name these types of unnatural winds the koldun manipulate - people of the west call the winds Austru, or the Black Winds, while residents of the south name them the Great Winds or the baltaret.

When a koldun invokes a power of this way, his eyes change color to sky blue and gusts of wind breeze all about him.

Winds of Guilt

Ancient koldun hospodars invoked Winds of Guilt as a means of ensuring loyalty in their boyars without the need of a blood bond. This power caused a wind to gust around these boyars that sounded to them like whispering voices, telling of the horrors that would befall them and their families should they betray their voivode. These voices would slowly warp the minds of these men, and only when this sorcery waned would they regain their coherence. Afterward, the boyars were so afraid of the consequences of betrayal that their loyalty to their master was unswerving. Koldun of the Sabbat enjoy invoking this power during ritae before feeding, reveling in the mixture of adrenaline in the blood of a vessel stricken with terror.

System: With a successful Perception + Koldunism roll (difficulty 5), a koldun invokes mystical winds that plague a victim. The target is convinced that he hears voices whispering ofhis most evil deeds ( Storytellers are encouraged to improvise on the content the whispers a victim hears). When in the presence of the koldun, targets lose two dots of Courage ( to a minimum of one). Each success the koldun's player scores increases the duration of this power.
1 success — One scene
2 successes — One night
3 successes — One week
4 successes — Two weeks
5 successes — One month

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