Koldunic Sorcery - The Way of Water

This way was practiced primarily among koldun with havens near some sort of water source, from the Plain Lakes to the Black Sea. With their powers, these koldun confounded many Turkish invasion attempts along the Danube River, sinking their ships and drowning them under mystical riptides. When employing the powers of this way, a koldun' s eyes change color to vivid, almost glowing aquamarine.

Pools of Illusion

Travelers have told tales of receiving warnings of future events, cries for help and even divine intervention from spirits that manifested themselves from a water source. Water spirits have been recounted the world over, from river cannibals to the lovely mermaids and lorelei that beckoned men to watery deaths. Even King Arthur received his prized sword Excalibur from such a spirit of water, known as the Lady of the Lake.

At this beginning level of the Way of Water, a koldun has the ability to create a three-dimensional illusion along the surface of a water source. Koldun during the modern nights sometimes invoke this power of illusion to prey on the superstitions of the mortal world.

System: The player makes a Wits + Koldunism roll ( difficulty 5) in order to create an illusion of her choosing. The illusion can speak and walk, but it is intangible and cannot leave the boundaries of water. This phantom image lasts for several seconds, after which it will slowly dissipate.

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