Koldunic Sorcery - The Way of the Spirit

There resides a single force, an essence, that encompasses all things in nature. The ancient koldun manipulating this way mystically tapped into this essence and, as a result, they gained insight and minor control over their surroundings. Oftentimes, the koldun wielded this way in conjunction with other powers of Koldunic Sorcery. Many also protected themselves by invoking this way before entering their havens, to pre-empt attempts on their unlives. Tonight's koldun invoking the Way of the Spirit procure a similar outcome as their ancient predecessors, creating a bond between themselves and the spirit of the land.

System: The player spends one Willpower point, then rolls her Charisma + Koldunism ( difficulty 4 + the level of the desired effect; see below) to activate the powers of this way. These powers last for one scene per success the player scores. The chart below describes how far away from her person a koldun can "feel" out intruders or hostile spirits according to her power level.

A koldun can invoke other powers of Koldunic Sorcery that she knows in conjunction with the Way of the Spirit, though only at a lesser or equal power level at which she knows the Way of the Spirit. For example, a koldun may invoke Level One through Three powers of Way of Water in conjunction with the powers of Way of the Spirit if she knows the Way of the Spirit at Level Three.

This power also confounds use of the Discipline of Obfuscate.

● "See" everything within a 50-foot radius (15 meter)
●● "See" everything within 100 yards (91 meter)
●●● "See" everything within a quarter-mile (402 meter)
●●●● "See" everything within a mile (1,6 kilometer)
●●●●● "See" everything within five miles (8 kilometer)

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