Koldunic Sorcery - The Way of Fire

Ancient koldun created the Way of Fire by first manipulating the molten magma that exploded from volcanoes found throughout Eastern Europe. Then they evolved their control over the fiery liquid earth to the point of invoking their own unique effects that would not necessarily occur during volcanic activity. Koldun who possess the powers of the Way of Fire in the modern nights are feared simply for their capacity to destroy so much in a short amount of time, just as a volcano can eliminate life on entire islands within a day. When invoking any of the powers of this way, a koldun' s eyes glow a feverish orange.

Note: At the Storyteller's discretion, Kindred observing these powers in use may be overtaken by Rotschreck (with the exception of the koldun, of course).


In a small demonstration of power that is inherent of the Way, a koldun invokes the air about an object to increase in temperature until the object combusts.

System: The player makes a Manipulation + Koldunism roll (difficulty 5) and spends a Willpower point. The koldun must have a target object in his line of sight before he can cause it to Shatter. Once this power is invoked, the heat around the target object intensifies until the object spontaneously combusts.

The Storyteller may make a soak roll for the object to see if it does in fact Shatter (determined by the size or quality of an object: three dice for a small or shoddy I object, five for an average-sized object and seven dice for a large or well-crafted object. Anything the size of a car cannot Shatter, as it is much too large). The object must accumulate five successes over three soak rolls (difficulty 5), or it will shatter. This power cannot be used on living beings or Kindred.

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