Koldunic Sorcery - The Way of Earth

Ancient koldun hospodar rulers once claimed sovereignty over the lands of Eastern Europe, manipulating the magically rich chernozem - "black earth" - to invoke their power and instill fear in their boyars and peasants. Now, the young koldun of the Sabbat beckon the spirits of the Western soil and derive their powers of the Way of Earth from natural surroundings. When a koldun employs a power of this way, his eyes change color to walnut brown and his skin ripples with small patches of stone.

Soil Silhouette

A koldun invoking this power has the ability to command dirt to rise up from the ground and crawl up the legs of an individual. The soil rises up very quickly and, as it passes above a victim's knees, renders him immobile.

System: Success on the activation roll causes the dirt anywhere within a 1 00-foot radius of the invoker to roil and crawl up a victim's legs; the dirt ends its ascent about halfway between the knees and hips. Unless the subject can score five successes on a Strength + Survival roll (difficulty 6), he remains trapped in place by the Soil Silhouette for a number of turns equal to twice the successes the player scored on the activation roll.

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