Necromancy - The Sepulchre Path

All (western) necromancers first learn the so-called Sepulchre Path. The Sepulchre Path is always considered the character's "primary" path; it increases automatically as the character increases her overall Necromancy rating. A Cainite necromancer must learn at least three levels in the Sepulchre Path before learning his first level in either the Bone Path or the Ash Path. He must then achieve mastery in the Sepulchre Path (five levels) before acquiring any knowledge of the third path.


This power allows a necromancer to stare into the eyes of a corpse and see reflected there the last thing the dead man witnessed. The vision appears only in the eyes of the cadaver and is visible to no one except the necromancer using Insight.

System: This power requires a roll of Perception + Occult (difficulty 8 for formerly living creatures, 10 for unliving ones such as vampires) as the vampire stares into the target's eyes. The number of successes on the roll determines the clarity of the vision; a botch shows the necromancer his own Final Death, which can induce Rötschreck.

This power cannot be used on the corpses of vampires who have reached Golconda, or those in whom advanced decomposition has already set in.

1 Success — A basic sense of the subject's death
2 Successes — A clear image of the subject's death and the seconds preceding it
3 Successes — A clear image, with sound, of the minutes preceding death
4 Successes — A clear image, with sound, of the half-hour before the subject's demise
5 Successes — Full sensory perception of the hour leading up to the target's death

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