Thaumaturgy - The Path of Technomancy

The newest path to be accepted by the Tremere hierarchy as part of the clan's official body of knowledge, the Path of Technomancy is a relatively recent innovation. It was developed in the latter half of the 20th century, and has not yet spread far beyond the North American Pontifices. The path focuses on the control of electronic devices, from wristwatches to computers, and its proponents maintain that it is a prime example of the versatility of Thaumaturgy with regards to a changing world. More conservative Tremere state that mixing Tremere magic with mortal science borders on treason or even blasphemy, and some European Regents have gone so far as to declare knowledge of Technomancy grounds for expulsion from their chantries. The Inner Council did approve the introduction of the path into the clan's grimoires, but has yet to voice any opinion on the conservative opposition to Technomancy.


Mortals are constantly developing new innovations, and any vampire who would work Technomancy must be able to understand that upon which he practices his magic. The most basic power of this path allows the Tremere to project his perception into a device, granting him a temporary understanding of its purpose, the principles of its functioning and its means of operation. This does not grant permanent knowledge, only a momentary flash of insight that fades within minutes.

System: A character must touch the device in order to apply this power. The number of successes rolled determines how well the character understands this particular piece of equipment. One success allows a basic knowledge (on/off and simple functions), while three successes grant competence in operating the device, and five successes show the character the full range of the devices potential. The knowledge lasts for a number of minutes equal to the character's Intelligence.

This power can also be used to understand a non-physical technological innovation – in other words, a new piece of computer software – at a + 2 difficulty. The character must touch the computer on which the software is installed – simply holding the CD-ROM isn't enough.

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