Thaumaturgy - The Green Path

The Green Path deals with the manipulation of plant matter of all sorts. Anything more complex than an algae bloom can theoretically be controlled through the appropriate application of this path. Ferns, roses, dandelions and even ancient redwoods are all equally valid targets for this path's powers, and living and dead plants matter are equally effected. While not as immediately impressive as some other more widely practiced paths, the Green Path (sometimes disparagingly referred to as the "Botanical Mastery") is as subtle and powerful as the natural world which it affects.

The origins of the Green Path are thought to lie with the Order of the Naturists (see Clanbook: Tremere), a druid like sect within Clan Tremere. Most practitioners of the path are members of the order, and those who are not were more than likely mentored by one. According to those who are familiar with Tremere history, the Green Path is a blood magic-based derivation of some magickal workings formerly practiced by House Diedne, an order of mortal mages destroyed by the Tremere during the Dark Ages.

Herbal Wisdom

With but a touch, a vampire can commune with the spirit of a plant. Conversation held in this manner are often cryptic but rewarding – the wisdom and experience of the spirits of some trees surpasses that of the oracles of legend. Crabgrass, on the other hand, rarely has much insight to offer, but might reveal the face of the last person that tread upon it.

System: The number of successes rolled determines the amount of information that can be gained from the contact. Depending on the precise information that the vampire seeks, the Storyteller might require the player to roll Intelligence + Occult or Intelligence + Intuition in order to interpret the results of the communication.

1 Success Fleeting cryptic impressions
2 Successes One or two clear images
3 Successes A concise answer to a simple query
4 Successes A detailed response to one or more complex questions
5 Successes The sum total of the plant-spirit's knowledge on a given subject

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