Thaumaturgy - The Focused Mind

Developed by a Tremere Kabbalah scholar, this little-known path of Thaumaturgy has been around for a few centuries and remains in practice by a select few. Practitioners of the Focused Mind greatly enhance their mental alacrity and readiness, allowing better comprehension of problems and situations. Thaumaturges, already disciplined of mind, become frightfully powerful in the realm of the cerebral when mastering this path.

Unlike most Thaumaturgy, the powers of this path do not require an action to invoke, although they still require the normal blood expenditure and Willpower activation roll. Each of these powers is usable only once per turn.


Using Readiness makes the caster able to gain a quicker understanding on a predicament. Enhanced lucidity enlightens the caster, allowing better reactions to changing situations and increased cleverness.

System: This power is only usable on the thaumaturge himself. Every success on the activation roll adds one die to a special dice pool for the remainder of the turn. These dice may be used on any Wits-related rolls or actions that the magus performs during this turn. Alternatively, each die removed from the dice pool adds one to the caster’s initiative rating.

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