Talking Sweet Nothings

Please, sit down. Have a glass of wine. Make yourself at home. And then I want you to listen to my story. It is a scary and dark story, do you like scary stories? Anyway… where should I begin? At the beginning or at the present working my way back and forth? I guess I should just start.

I do not get surprised anymore.

No, that is a lie (but it adds to the drama), but ever since I was pulled into this world of darkness and mysteries I have become more used to dealing with shocking events. My whole world was turned up-side-down after meeting this man, Pryce Bennett. After my meeting with Him I woke up in the ground, NOT fighting for air. From this little information, you must have tons of questions? And you are probably wondering why you are here, and why I am telling you this? I will let you know, if you dare to stay the night (more drama!). I should probably tell you that I am not a threat to you, as long as you do not try to escape. It is in your interest to stay, I have so much I can give you.

I realize that this was a confusing start, so I will try to take it from the beginning, my "re-birth". My apologies, I have never done this before.

So, before all this I was a medical researcher, and I had an appointment with Pryce Bennett who was going to give me a research grant. He also offered me to work at the university that he worked at. I accepted it all with delight, since my old place wasn't working out anymore. I didn't have any research money left and I had to share my lab with others, which is not ideal when you work with secret projects. I did not have much of a social life, my research was my life.

I did not know that Pryce Bennett had chosen me to join a secret group, a group of, what you would call, Vampires. I call them Kindred, and if you look up the word Kindred in a dictionary it will tell you that it means "of the like nature or properties", or "related". We are related and of the like nature and properties. We share Blood, the essence of life. The Blood keeps us alive, alive in our own way. As a medical doctor, I would say that we are not alive in a biological sense, but there is still something that keeps us going and makes us strong. There is something in the property of our Blood that makes us greater than any alive person, yet it is cursed as well. We are an abomination, a disgrace to Nature. Not all of us agree on this, but this is what we are. I cannot say that I am ashamed of what I am, since I did not choose to become what I am. I was forced into this, and I am now just trying to make the best of it. Sometimes I get disgusted with our lifestyle. It is tormenting my soul, but I try to not let it get the best of me, I know that I can be freed from this, I just have to find the way.

Back to the time of my re-birth. We were many that had been chosen, but there were only eight spots in the group. My first Nights were crazy killing sprees, we were all trying to survive, but not all of us would make it through the night. I do not wish to speak much about this as I am ashamed of what happened that night. All nasty business.

Please, have more wine. No, I do not drink, but thank you.

I used to love wine, you know. That glass you take when you get home, after working all day and almost all night, that is the best glass. It is the perfect glass of wine. When you just let your tired body fall down on the couch in front of the TV, and you drink that perfect glass of wine, and then you fall asleep, and you forget that you are all alone in the world…. ehrm… yeah, sorry… Anyways, miss that glass of wine. I have not had a glass for years now. What I drink now, does not make me sleepy and forget that I am all alone in the world… but it is good. So good!

Some would argue that I am not alone anymore, I have my "pack mates". But lately I have not felt the same connection to them as I used to. Maybe it is because the only one I really connected to and the one that really understood me was Pryce. We shared more than the others did. I would not say that we are better than the others, but might have. I miss him. The others just question my loyalties. I try to fit in, and I am loyal. But some of the things they make me be loyal to just are not what I believe in, and that are not logical. HA! Yeah, nothing I say is logical, right?

But seriously, I do not see my "pack mates" as friends, because they only keep me in the Group because of my skills. [lights the candles with lure of flames]

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