Below are sample Tactics that hunter cells can purchase with Practical Experience. The format for these Tactics is as follows:

Tactic Name: This name is a placeholder, a descriptive term to make it easier for the players to identify what a given Tactic does. Cells of hunters often come up with different titles for their Tactics, so that in the thick of battle, someone can yell a code phrase and start a Tactic without telegraphing any intent to the opponent.
Prerequisites: Any prerequisites that participants must have, arranged thusly: All: All participants in the Tactic must have these traits. Partial (X): At least (X) hunters involved in the Tactic must have these traits. If a hunter must have a given set of traits to be the primary actor, this is indicated. Note that not all traits required for a Tactic are necessarily part of its dice pool.

Requires: The number of hunters required to perform this tactic. Having extra hunters can bestow a bonus for some Tactics, but for others, having too many participants can actually be a hindrance, levying penalties.
Dice Pool: The dice pool(s) associated with the Tactic, arranged thusly: Primary: The dice pool for the primary actor. Secondary: The dice pool(s) for the secondary actors. Action: The type of action the Tactic requires. Most are instant and contested.

Description: A look at the Tactic in action, how much setup it requires, and what the hunters actually do in order to pull it off.

Organizations: An explanation for why a particular organization favors this Tactic. This results in a cheaper cost to purchase the Tactic, noted below.

Potential Modifiers: Situations that might alter the dice pool for the Tactic. This section notes which of the participants the modifier affects; some only affect the primary actor, while others affect all hunters involved.
Roll Results: The effects of dramatic failure, failure, success and exceptional success as they relate to the primary actor’s roll only. 217

To Purchase: How much Practical Experience the Tactic costs. Some organizations can purchase certain Tactics at a reduced cost; these differences are noted here. The formula for determining the cost of a Tactic is explained on p. 216.


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