Kostnad: 14 Practical Experience, 11 for Ashwood Abbey, 9 for the Malleus Maleficarum.

Prerequisites: All: Strength 2, Brawl 2. Partial (1): Strength 3, Weaponry 2 (primary actor). Partial (1): Medicine 1 (secondary actor).

Requires: 3 or more; 4 or more bestows +1 to secondary actors, more than 5 imposes a -1 penalty to the primary actor.

Dice Pool: Primary: Strength + Weaponry. Secondary: Strength + Brawl; Wits + Medicine (secondary actor with Medicine 1).

Handling: Omedelbar

The iconic monster-hunter image, perhaps, is the impassioned vampire-killer driving a stake into the undead fiend’s heart. Over the years, hunter organizations have experimented with crossbows, wooden “bullets” and other methods, but nothing works quite as well as holding the bloodsucker down and putting a sharpened stick between his ribs or clean through his breastplate.

This Tactic works on other creatures besides vampires, of course, but it tends to have more permanent effects.

The secondary actors tackle the target and hold it down (Strength + Brawl, creature’s Defense does apply). One secondary actor then rolls Wits + Medicine, indicating to the primary actor where to strike (if the primary actor has Medicine 2 or more, this part of the Tactic can be skipped, as the stake-wielder knows where to aim the point). The primary actor then positions the stake over the heart and hammers it home.


Stake is tempered or made of sturdy wood (+2 to primary actor); stake is rotted or flimsy (-2 to primary actor); secondary actor(s) has a lower Initiative than the primary actor (-3 to all participants); Wits + Medicine roll fails (-3 to primary actor); monster’s heart has shifted within its body (-3 to primary actor).


Dramatic Failure: The monster shifts and the point of the stake winds up aimed at another hunter. The primary actor rolls a normal attack (without the extra dice from the secondary actors) against another hunter, applying the hunter’s armor but ignoring Defense. Damage is applied normally. Alternatively, the Storyteller might rule that the monster has snatched the stake out of the primary actor’s hand and can make a reflexive attack on a hunter, or can bite one of the hunters and drink his blood.
Failure: The hunter fails to penetrate the monster’s chest. The hunter can try again next turn, but the monster can, of course, attempt to escape the grapple in the meantime (see p. 158 of the World of Darkness Rulebook).
Success: The monster suffers one level of damage per success (lethal to vampires, but aggravated to living things — a stake in the heart is usually fatal!). A vampire, of course, becomes paralyzed until the stake is removed.
Exceptional Success: No bonus other than the extra damage.

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