Surmounting Daysleep

● Surmounting daysleep

  • Level: Blood Sorcery ritual level 1
  • Cost: One Rouse Check
  • Casting time 5 minutes
  • Roll: Intelligence + Blood Sorcery (difficulty 2)
  • Ingredients: Pipette buried in the ground (outside) for at least one day between uses, 4 drops of blood of the caster.
  • Process: The caster uses the pipette to administer two drops of their own blood into each of their eyes.
  • System: Make an additional Rouse check to activate Blush of Life. Succeeding on the ritual roll allows the vampire to act as if she rolled a critical win on the Humanity check to stay awake during the day. (Awakening V5 219) The maximum dice pool to perform actions during the day is still limited to the casters Humanity rating.

(Ursprungligen en Mystery of the Ascendant-förmåga)

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