Andefotografering (Spectral Photography)

Kostnad: •• | Slag: Psyche + Dexterity | Handling: Utdragen (mål: 5 st) | Tidsspann: Ett slag per minut.

The Sin-Eater can enter a room where she suspects there has been ghostly activity and can take photographs of these ghosts. These photographs reveal if there were ghosts in a location within the last few days as well as providing images of both the appearance and the activities of the ghosts.

Performing the Ceremony: The Sin-Eater must use a camera that is fully functional but that also has its lens cap on, or otherwise has the lens completely covered. A piece of black tape over the lens works just as well. Both digital and film cameras work equally well, as do video cameras. The Sin-Eater then draws several complex sigils on the object covering the camera lens and takes dozens of photographs of the area where she suspects that ghostly activity took place. When she views the photographs, the ghosts will be clearly visible even if they were in Twilight when they were actually in the location.

Roll Results

Dramatic Failure: All successes are lost. The camera takes only inaccurate and distorted photographs for the next day.
Failure: No successes are gained.
Success: Successes are gained. If the target number is reached, the developed or viewed pictures reveal any ghosts who have been within the area within the last week. Blurred images depict the ghost or ghosts acting as they did then and may provide clues as to their identity and motives. The date and time of the haunting may be determined if the camera displays the date and time of the images it takes or if there is a clock in the room.
Exceptional Success: Successes are gained. If the target number is reached, the images of the ghosts are especially clear and easy to recognize.

Suggested Modifiers

+2 | The Sin-Eater is using a camera at least 20 years old
+1 | The Sin-Eater spends at least half an hour taking photographs
–1 | The camera is of especially poor quality or its lens is only poorly covered.
–2 | The Sin-Eater takes less than half a dozen photographs.

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