Resiliens (Resilience)


Slag: Inget | Kostnad: Ingen eller 1 Vitae per effekt | Handling: Ingen (för långvarig effekt) eller Reflexiv (för aktiv effekt) | Varaktighet: Permanent (för långvarig effekt) eller En tur (för aktiv effekt)

The Kindred are walking corpses, free of the frailties of a mortal form. Their bodies are capable of great endurance, but Resilience harnesses the Beast to take that endurance beyond “great” and into “impossible.” With Resilience a vampire could continue to act even when his body has been reduced to little more than bone and tendon.

Like other physical Disciplines, Resilience has two kinds of effects: persistent and active. Persistent effects are always on, and have no cost. Active effects are Reflexive, and cost one Vitae per effect.

Persistent: Add the vampire’s dots in Resilience to his Stamina. This may raise a character’s Stamina above the normal limits imposed by his Blood Potency. Whenever he is dealt aggravated damage, for each dot of Resilience he possesses, downgrade one point of aggravated damage to lethal. This applies to damage from fire and all acquired banes, but not sunlight. Resilience offers no reprieve from the sun’s blazing eye.

Active: By spending Vitae a vampire can dismiss grievous wounds, even those from banes. For each point of Vitae spent, choose one effect from the following list. A vampire may spend additional Vitae to invoke multiple effects simultaneously, but no effect of Resilience may be used more than once per turn.

  • Subtract his Resilience dots plus one from all non-bane sources of damage. Mechanically this is similar to armor, but does nothing to reduce the visual and superficial signs of injury. Removed damage appears to be dealt, but resisted wounds do not inhibit the vampire physically in any way, though in a social context they likely create some difficulties. All superficial wounds may be healed completely for one Vitae whenever he next slumbers.

If an injury specifically removes a limb, an eye, or so on, the vampire does suffer logical impairments from the injuries.

This method of reducing damage does make it more difficult to stake a vampire.

  • Subtract his Resilience dots from all damage from fire or other acquired banes. Sunlight still remains beyond the power of Resilience to defend against. All superficial signs of damage remain: Even if a vampire lost no Health while dashing through an inferno, he still emerges a burnt corpse. In this case, however, the visible damage is only as severe as it would be for a mortal who’d suffered the same level of harm.
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