Quicken Sight

Quicken Sight

Krav: Klarsyn , Kvickhet ● | Slag: Inget | Kostnad: 1 Vitae | Handling: Reflexiv | Varaktighet: 1 tur

With the preternatural awareness of Auspex and the remarkable speed of Celerity, the vampire gains a exceptional sense of time and the space around her. For a brief moment, she sees everything at a slow crawl, and can react thusly.

When activated, Quicken Sight lasts for a turn. The vampire can examine the details on fast-moving items, and respond to things outside the normal human spectrum. She can read multiple pages of text in three seconds. She can apply her Defense to ranged attacks, and can benefit from aiming instantly.

This Devotion costs 1 Experiences to learn.

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