Protean 3 - Rovdjurshamn

●●● Rovdjurshamn

Slag: Inget | Kostnad: 2 Vitae | Handling: Omedelbar | Varaktighet: Tillsvidare

The Beast can warp a vampire’s flesh, taking the form of an animal that she has consumed. Her body warps and shifts, growing extra muscle or folding in on itself until she fully resembles an animal she has consumed. The Beast will not give her the form of prey — her new skin must resonate with her predatory nature in some way.

Her flesh ripples and warps as the vampire takes on the form of an animal. She must have consumed the beast — killing it by feeding from it. She can only take on the form of predatory animals, carrion-eaters, plague-carrying beasts, and parasites between Size 1 and 7. A vampire can keep a number of forms ready equal to her dots in Protean; to add or replace one she must consume the appropriate beast then slumber for a full day and night in her Unmarked Grave.

In animal form, she takes on the beast’s Physical Attributes and Skills, and its Size, Speed, and Health. She can move and sense and attack in any way that the animal can — a shark can swim and bite and sense blood, while a rat can scurry and bite, and a crow can fly. She may be unable to use some Physical Merits at the Storyteller’s discretion. She can remain in her animal form indefinitely, but she still feels the need for blood burning within her, and sunlight still harms her.

While in animal form, the vampire can use her Disciplines as normal.

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