Protean 2 - Rovdjursaspekt

●● Rovdjursaspekt

Slag: Inget | Kostnad: 1 Vitae | Handling: Reflexiv | Varaktighet: 1 scen

All the vampire has to do is give in just a little bit, and her Beast can slip out through her flesh, warping her body into a monstrous form. While every Gangrel’s Beast is different, its manifestation usually takes inspiration from a predatory or scavenging animal of some form. Some twist their bodies to run on all fours like a wolf, while others take on the rough skin and strange senses of a shark.

By spending a point of Vitae, the vampire can manifest a small host of bestial traits. When she first learns Predatory Aspect, she picks three adaptations from the list below. From then on, she can manifest any or all of these changes for the rest of the scene by spending a point of Vitae.

If none of these adaptations make sense for the character, the player and Storyteller should work together to create new ones, using these as guidelines.

  • Aquatic: Growing webbed hands or slick scales, the vampire can swim at the same Speed she can run on land.
  • Claws: Sharp claws grow from the vampire’s fingers. They are 1L mundane weapons that use Brawl to attack.
  • Extra Sense: The Kindred grows extra sensory organs, giving her tremor sense, echolocation, or some other sense that allows her to “see” without using her eyes. Using this sense, she has a 360-degree field of vision.
  • Feral Senses: Taking on a hawk’s eyes or a dog’s sense of smell allows the vampire to hear heartbeats and see or smell blood as though her Blood Potency were two dots higher.
  • Patagia: By growing a flap of leathery skin between her arms and torso, the vampire can glide — as long as she falls at least ten yards (ten meters), she can travel thirty yards (thirty meters) horizontally, and she takes no damage from the fall.
  • Prehensile Tail: The vampire grows a long, prehensile tail. She can use it to grab things as though it were an extra arm, though it doesn’t have a hand and can’t be used for fine-motor tasks like unlocking a door or firing a gun.
  • Quadripedal: Longer arms and shorter legs allow a vampire to run on all fours like a cheetah or wolf. When running on all fours, add +4 to her Speed and double all jump distances.
  • Wall Crawling: The vampire grows hundreds of tiny insect legs, claws on his feet, or barbed hairs on his body that allow him to move freely across walls and ceilings without an Athletics roll.

A character can change her adaptations by spending a day in her Unmarked Grave and spending one point of Vitae for each adaptation she wants to replace. When she changes adaptation, the player should work to maintain the theme of a specific predatory creature — though she may pick a different predator to copy when the vampire’s adaptations change.

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