Ursula Ardenner




Ryan Fuller
Phillip Rosenberg
Guiseppe Dinome
Orlando Jones
Robert Guy
Maynard Odum
… se House of the Setting Sun


Poor unfortunate souls
In pain
In need
This one longing to be thinner
That one wants to get the girl
And do I help them?
Yes, indeed!
Those poor unfortunate souls
So sad
So true
They come flocking to me crying
"Will you help us, pretty please?"
And I help them!
Yes I do!


Spelare — SLP
Koncept — Bordellmamma
Klan — Toreador
Förbund — {$forbund}
Skapare — Okänd
Scenarion — Santa Cruz by Night, Black Jacks
Inträde — Black Jacks
Citat — Do I help them? Yes I do!
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