Lady Anne Bowsley


Spelare — SLP
Koncept — {$koncept}
Klan — Ventrue
Förbund — {$forbund}
Skapare — Valerius
Scenarion — Giovanni Saga, Dà Rathad
Inträde — {$intrade}
Citat — CITAT

'Queen' Anne Bowsley as she has been called for centuries is the reigning Prince of London, England. A Ventrue, Prince Bowsley is a highly recognized member of the Ventrue Higerarchy, called the Euphorate. She and the court of London are some of the most influential Kindred in the world, and few princes of the Camarilla demand more respect.

Prince Ann has a sterling record of backing up the Camarilla and supporting it's actions, especially against the Sabbat. She and her court contributed over 2 Billion dollars toward the defeat of the Sabbat in New York, NY in 2000 and in 2004 send funds to assist with a little demon problem in Seattle, WA.

Allies with both former Prince Calebros of Seattle and Prince Victoria Ash of New York, NY the White Queen tread a fine line between two warring factions that is impressive to behold. None can deny her nobility, nor her political savvy, and it is rumored that she herself deposed the former Prince of London, and Ancient Ventrue called Mithras by force alone. If that is true, her physical might may be almost as powerful as her throne.

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