Thaumaturgy - Path of Transmutation

Thaumaturges practicing the art of Alchemy can manipulate the forms of solids, liquids and gases. Guns and knives melt into pools of metal, wood petrifies and becomes brittle, and common boundaries such as walls and doors transmute to vapor. The laws of chemistry do not bind Warlocks employing the powers of transmutation, as materials shift their state regardless of their temperature. Effects similar to those achieved by true alchemy can be achieved by using the Path of Transmutation. This path is looked upon somewhat unfavorably among the Tremere, as it reflects a "quick and dirty" effect rather than true mastery of alchemical transmutation.

Fortify the Solid Form

By fortifying a solid object, a magus increases the strength and integrity of an item. A thaumaturge mystically transmutes a feather to become a crude blunt object, pencils become makeshift stakes, and a car becomes as tough as a tank.

System: This power increases the offensive and defensive capabilities of an object. For each success the player scores, an object will absorb one health level of damage. Similarly, a thaumaturge wielding the same object offensively will inflict one extra die of damage per two successes the player scores on the activation roll. In either case, an object may absorb or inflict a maximum of five health levels or dice of damage, respectively. The effects of fortifying an object last for one scene, and must either be offensive or defensive - the Platonic ideal of attack is not the same as for defense.

Note: This power cannot be used to increase the structure of a living creature. However, a thaumaturge may use Fortify the Solid Form in conjunction with the Level Two power Crystallize the Liquid Form to make a very solid piece of ice, molten metal, etc.

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