Thaumaturgy - Path of The Blood's Curse

Elder vampires have forever flaunted their powers over their lessers, the ancillae and neonates. With the approaching threat of Gehenna, young Kindred actively pursue ways to circumvent the stranglehold these powerful elders possess in the Jyhad. With this desire driving their ambitions, a few rogue Panders and Caitiff thaumaturges gathered together and developed this thaumaturgal path as a means of ousting those above them.

These rebels resorted to a very basic concept for this path of thaumaturgy by exposing the inherent disadvantages that accompany the vampiric Embrace. The elders’ paranoia has only increased exponentially due to this movement toward a new method of usurping their power and vitae.

Ravages of the Beast

From the moment a Kindred is Embraced, he suffers the rage and instincts of a primal Beast; it is the first bane to accompany the Change. If provoked, the Beast Within sends a vampire into a mindless, berserk frenzy. Some Kindred struggle to keep their Beasts in check, while others enjoy riding the waves of this violent rage. A thaumaturge invoking this power coaxes the Beast to surface within his target, unleashing a rampant killer.

System: The subject of this power must make a frenzy roll (Self-Control, difficulty 7). If the victim cannot resist the Beast, he immediately enters a frenzy the Storyteller deems appropriate to the situation, whether rage, Rotschreck, hunger, etc. A thaumaturge may affect any target within her line of sight.

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