The Passion Key allows the Sin-Eater to shape the emotional responses of other people and to instill emotional resonances within places or things. If a particular house frightens away children or a particular lake attracts young lovers, it is likely because such locales carry the emotional resonances governed by this Key. Use of this Key can alter the Sin-Eater’s own emotions, though to a much lesser degree, as something of a side effect — many Bound find themselves moved by haunting currents of wrath or sorrow when they unlock another’s passion.

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Passionerade ursinnet

Skill: Intimidation
Key Defense: Composure

The Passion Rage digs through the victim’s memories, bringing back moments of weakness and pain to cripple the Sin-Eater’s foe. When the Sin-Eater unlocks the Passion Rage, she inflicts mental trauma that deals bashing damage.

Passionerade ursinnet ••

The Sin-Eater can intimidate her foes by wrapping her image in with his victim’s fears. The victim receives a –2 penalty to any Social rolls made against the Sin-Eater for the duration of the scene.

Passionerade ursinnet •••

This emotional onslaught may make a victim freeze up in terror. The player may spend an extra point of plasm to reduce her victim’s Defense to 0 until his next turn.

Passionerade ursinnet ••••

This attack focuses the victim’s thoughts on his own mortality. For each point of damage dealt, the Sin-Eater can spend two points of plasm to drain one point of Willpower from the victim instead.

Passionerade ursinnet •••••

At this level, the Sin-Eater can devastate her target’s mind. The player spends 2 plasm and 1 Willpower, and rolls Manipulation + Empathy + Rage rating – the lower of target’s Resolve and Composure. Each success reduces one of the target’s Mental Attributes by one point. This Attribute damage heals at the same rate as lethal damage.

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