Thaumaturgy - Oneiromancy

Although the corrupt dream-magic of the Path of Morpheus had been used by the Sabbat for decades, the original augury that it was based upon has been a long-held secret by the Tremere. Oneiromancy, divination rooted in the somnolent state of consciousness, is actually based upon ancient Greek philosophies of prophecy. The Tremere, adopting these ancient sortileges, developed them into the thaumaturgical path of Oneiromancy shortly after their transformation to vampiric magi. With the recent loss of the Sabbat’s Tremere antitribu, the Path of Morpheus has since fallen from common knowledge, and Oneiromancy no longer carries the stigma once associated with its practitioners. With the approaching of Gehenna, the elders of Clan Tremere have again re-thought their disdain of Oneiromancy in the clan in an effort to gain more information on unfolding events.

Use of any of these powers requires at least five minutes of reading the signs during which the Warlock goes into a trance similar to sleep. Awareness of his surroundings is limited, and he can “awaken” from the trance at any time but will suffer the same penalties as if awakening during the day for three turns (maximum dice pool equals his Humanity score). Oneiromancy powers can also be used while the thaumaturge is in torpor.


From the ephemeral fragments of his own dreams, the magus may attempt a personal reading of the near future. While asleep, the oneiromancer draws upon the dream imagery flittering in the unconscious. Upon waking from the divination, the Cainite may scrutinize the meaning of the visions. Although these visions of the present and future are invariably hazy, they often provide important glimpses into significant events.

System: This power of Oneiromancy must be used immediately after awakening and takes the thaumaturge 10 minutes to read the signs. With a successful activation roll, the Storyteller relates disjointed dream images allegorically (or sometimes literally) concerning one forthcoming personal event to the oneiromancer. This event is completely up to the Storyteller’s discretion, and multiple uses of Portents may well result in the same vision occurring over and over again. The Portent should always be fragmented and cryptic, although the more successes scored on this activation roll, the more information the Storyteller should relay to the player.

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