Vampire: the Requiem (Second Edition)

● En i mängden

Slag: Inget | Kostnad: Ingen | Handling: Omedelbar | Varaktighet: En scen

Du inverterar din vampyriska magnetism och kan gå genom folkhav utan att någon lägger märke till dig. Så länge du inte gör något som drar uppmärksamheten till dig går du obemärkt förbi. Du är bara ännu ett ansikte i mängden, en dussinperson på gatan eller borttappad på nattklubbens dansgolv. Ingen undviker dig aktivt, du smälter in i kulisserna.

Det är svårt att aktivt lägga dig på minnet, och det sviker om de försöker komma ihåg vad du hade på dig eller vad du hade i händerna. Även saker som skulle dra på sig uppmärksamhet förblir osedda om de inte aktivt används på så sätt. Tex pistol som avfyras eller kläder som plötsligt kastas av.

Om du agerar våldsamt eller börjar dricka från någon offer på öppen gata märker ditt offer, och om detta då skulle dra på sig uppmärksamhet gör åskådare ett slag på Wits + Composure (minus ditt Obfuscate-värde) för att reagera på uppståndelsen.

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Vampire: the Requiem (First Edition)

Night-dwellers, predators by nature and keepers of the Masquerade, vampires are inherently (and necessarily) creatures of secrecy and stealth. From hiding minute objects to the ability to appear as someone else to the power to fade from sight entirely, the Discipline of Obfuscate grants the Kindred uncanny powers of concealment, stealth and deception.

Obfuscate clouds the mind in practice. For example, a character hiding an object by using this Discipline doesn’t actually make the object disappear, nor does someone using the Discipline to hide himself truly vanish. Rather, the mind sees “around” the Obfuscated object, refusing to acknowledge it, even if that requires a bit of filling in mental blanks. To continue the example, if a character Obfuscated a large sheet of plywood and tried to hide behind it herself, those looking at the plywood would, indeed, see the character lurking behind it but not see the plywood itself.

The shroud of Obfuscate is very difficult to penetrate. Few Kindred or other supernatural creatures can see through it, and only under the rarest of circumstances do mortals have any hope. Because they operate on a less conscious and mostly instinctual level, however, animals often perceive a vampire’s presence — and react with appropriate fear or hostility — even if they cannot detect him with their normal senses. Similarly, children, the mentally ill and others who see the world in ways not quite normal might pierce the deception at the Storyteller’s discretion.

Some Kindred with Auspex are able to see through Obfuscate, or at least sense the presence of a supernatural deception. Refer to the “Clash of Wills” sidebar on p. 119 for details.

It’s important to note that Obfuscate affects the viewer’s mind, rather than making any true physical change to the vampire. Thus, the Discipline is not effective at cloaking a character from mechanical devices. Photographs, video cameras and the like record the normal blurred image that all vampires leave in such media, not the assumed appearance. Obfuscate does affect any individual currently using the recording device, however, so someone videotaping an Obfuscated vampire sees the illusion when looking through the lens, discovering the truth only later when he reviews the tape itself.

Unless stated otherwise, Obfuscate powers require very little concentration to maintain once invoked, and they last for the duration of a scene.

● Beslöjande beröring

Slag: Wits + Larceny + Obfuscate | Kostnad: Ingen | Handling: Omedelbar

This first level of Obfuscate allows the vampire to conceal small items, either in her grasp or on her person. If she is skilled enough, even a thorough search fails to turn up a hidden object. Increasingly larger objects might be hidden if the Discipline user is particularly adept.


Fummel: The attempt fails and the user actually draws attention to the fact that she’s trying to hide something. Further uses of Obfuscate against people present to witness the dramatic failure incur a -1 penalty for the remainder of the scene.
Misslyckande: The attempt fails.
Framgång: The character can hide a single object from sight, unless someone actively searches for that specific item. Indeed, “specific” is very literal here — a character looking for “an Obfuscated book” does not find it, though she does if she’s looking for “the Ordo Dracul Kogaion’s handwritten and leather-bound copy of 17th-century rituals” and has seen it before.
Exceptionell framgång: The character hides the object even if a searcher knows exactly what she seeks.

The player must declare which specific item is concealed and the power must be invoked separately for each item.

If the roll succeeds, the item goes undetected. Perhaps a careful search such as a pat-down or close examination reveals it, along with a Wits + Composure roll, successes from which must exceed those rolled for the activation of the power. As with all Obfuscate abilities, a character with Auspex might be able to see through Touch of Shadow (though he would still have to find the object normally if it were inside a pocket or otherwise physically concealed from character chapter two 136 view). Once the character does anything to draw attention to the object — such as deliberately showing it to someone or using it to attack or threaten — Touch of Shadow ends. If someone successfully detects the item, he can point it out to others. A Wits + Composure roll is made for each such person, and successes achieved must exceed those acquired in the Wits + Larceny + Obfuscate roll made for the Discipline user. If an onlooker’s successes aren’t high enough, he still doesn’t recognize the item, even when it’s pointed out.

Note that this power affects only the item in question. A character could not, for example, conceal a mailbox and then hide behind it or conceal a computer and hide a stake beneath it. The mailbox or computer would indeed be concealed but the character or stake would not.

Once invoked, Touch of Shadow lasts for a scene or until ended prematurely.


Modd Situation
+2 A tiny item, one easily concealed in the palm of a hand.
+1 An item that can be hidden in a pants pocket.
An item that can be squeezed into a pants pocket or easily hidden in a jacket pocket.
-1 An item that can only barely be squeezed into a large jacket pocket.
-2 An item that can be concealed under a jacket without too obvious a bulge.
-3 An item too large to be naturally hidden, but still small enough to be carried easily.
-3 The “item” is actually an abstract ideal or negative space, such as a hallway or portal to another room. If a closed door seals the portal, this is not subject to the penalty, as all the Kindred needs to do is hide the door, not the portal itself.
-4 An item as large as the vampire herself, such as a motorcycle.
-5 An item bigger than the vampire herself, such as a car or large shipping crate, but smaller than five times the vampire’s Size.

Apocryphal tales insist that sepulchers, tractor-trailers and even entire buildings have been hidden from the sight of others, but that’s just not possible… is it?

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