Thaumaturgy - Neptune's Might

Vampires are rarely associated with the ocean in most mythologies, and most Kindred have nothing to do with water in large quantities simply because they have no reason to do so. Nevertheless, Neptune's Might has enjoyed a small, but devoted, following for centuries among the Camarilla thaumaturges. This path is based primarily around the manipulation of standing water, although some of its more disturbing effects depart from this principle.

Once a character reaches the third level of Neptune's Might, the player may choose to specialize in either fresh water or salt water. Such specialization lowers all Neptune's Might difficulties by one when dealing with the chosen medium but raises them by one when dealing with the opposite. Blood is considered neither fresh nor salty for this purpose, and difficulties in manipulating it are unaffected.

Eyes of the Sea

The thaumaturge may peer into a body of water and view events that have transpired on, in or around it from the water's perspective. Some older practitioners of this art claim that the vampire communes with the spirits of the waters when using this power; younger Kindred scoff at such claims.

System: The number of successes rolled determines how far into the past the character can look.

1 Success One day
2 Successes One week
3 Successes One month
4 Successes One year
5 Successes 10 years

The storyteller may require a Perception + Occult roll for the character to discern very small details in the transmitted images. This power can only be used on standing water; lakes and puddles qualify, but oceans, rivers, sewers and wineglasses do not.

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