Mystery of Živa

Mystery of Živa

Coils of Živa

The Coil of Živa
This heretical Coil is named after a Slavic goddess of fertility, health, and life. The Dragon with Coil of Živa rejects the things which make her a vampire, and clings hard to her Humanity. Most Dragons see this as a rejection of the Order, and the Brides’ struggle to rise above. Some domains consider Živa’s Coil apostasy against the Order under the rationale of a sort of devolution to a primitive form, and execute known followers. Some domains simply do not speak of it.
Denying the Bane •
At this initial level, the character may shrug off some of the more heinous effects of her degeneration. Add her Coil dots to her Humanity for the purpose of determining the effects of her Banes. This includes her clan Bane.
Buttress the Soul ••
The vampire is able to thrust forth some of the stolen life in her Vitae in order to defend against the ravages of the soul. When facing Detachment, she may spend Vitae, up to her normal per-turn limit. Every Vitae spent adds one die to resist Detachment.
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Siphon the Soul ••••
This ability acts as a sort of pseudo-Amaranth. The vampire drains a Kindred victim completely, then continues to do so further. She spends Willpower and rolls Strength + Resolve as she normally would (see Vampire: The Requiem, p. 101). Once the vampire has achieved a number of successes equal to the victim’s current Humanity, she steals one dot of Humanity from her victim. He loses it; she gains one. She may only ever strip one such dot from a given victim. The victim only reaches torpor as result of this; the vampire may continue to feast to the point of full Amaranth. Regardless, the vampire suffers Detachment at Humanity 1 (possibly losing the stolen Humanity dot), and suffers the Tainted Condition.
Shedding the Beast’s Skin •••••
The final spiral in Živa’s Coil has the Dragon literally shed her flesh, and with it, her vampiric nature. She spends three Willpower points to activate Shedding the Beast’s Skin. Shedding the skin takes five turns.
Shedding the Beast’s Skin lasts for eleven hours, minus one for each dot of the Dragon’s Blood Potency. During this time, she becomes effectively human. Her heart beats. Her skin sweats. She can get hungry, and she can eat. She can engage in sexual activity as if human. She easily passes medical scrutiny. This comes with it a loss of her vampiric Disciplines, her ability to ingest, store, and expend Vitae, and her immortality. She no longer suffers a clan bane, or experiences blood sympathy.
At the end of the period, she becomes Kindred again. For nearly a half an hour, she undergoes the sensations and transformations of the Embrace again. This leaves her functionally incapacitated during this time. She can hold off the transformation for one minute for an additional point of Willpower. Once she’s changed back, she possesses Vitae equal to her remaining Health Levels, or her previous Vitae, whichever is lower.
Peculiarities of Kindred Wearing Human Flesh
To say The Mysteries of the Dragon are imperfect sciences would be a gross understatement. Shedding the Beast’s Skin even more so. While it generally does what’s expected, it commonly exhibits unexpected exceptions. For example, the vampire’s heart may continue to beat for weeks after its use. In some cases, it’s taken unexpected turns. Notably, if a vampire is impregnated in her human flesh, the body makes due to carry through to term. But what happens to these half-damned children?
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Scales of Živa

Scale of Živa
Bleed the Sin
Prerequisite Coil: Buttress the Soul
Procedure: With this procedure, the Dragon bleeds a subject of all their blood or Vitae. With human subjects, this generally requires a dialysis machine or other technological assistance to keep the subject alive. This flow of blood carries with it the weight of their sin.
Outcome: The subject must remain effectively bloodless for at least ten minutes in order for this Scale to take effect. Reduce the subject’s next Humanity, Integrity, or similar trait purchase by one Experience per dot of the vampire’s Coil of Živa.


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