Mystery of Zirnitra

Mystery of Zirnitra

Coils of the Zirnitra

This ancient Coil is named after a Slavic dragon god of sorcery. Zirnitra’s Coil is nearly extinct; to most Order sensibilities, it offers limited rewards and great risk. Functionally, it removes an oft-overlooked weakness of the Kindred condition: the penchant for developing mortal magics and psychic phenomena. Some Dragons have developed this Coil to regain the lost gifts granted to them by their heritage as part of a werewolf family. Some use it to recover the magics tied to their mortal bloodlines. Merits must still be purchased; this Coil allows that purchase.
Below, we’ve provided a couple of examples of such phenomena. However, you can find other Supernatural Merits in other World of Darkness books.
Opening the Third Eye •
At this basic level, the Dragon develops the ability to learn mortal magics and psychic abilities. For every dot in the Coil of Zirnitra, your character may learn a single Supernatural Merit reserved for mortal characters. However, in addition to any Willpower or other costs, every such power’s activation requires a single point of Vitae. Additionally, any drawbacks present in the Supernatural Merit always occurs, regardless of success or failure. Any failures with Supernatural Merits are automatically considered dramatic. This does still give a Beat.
Unleash the Mind ••
Your character may spend Willpower to activate Supernatural Merits without the normal limitation of Willpower in a turn. She can spend a point to activate a Merit, and spend Willpower to increase a dice pool.
Now, drawbacks do not always occur when using Supernatural Merits granted by this Coil. However, all failures are still considered dramatic failures.
Embolden Potential •••
Your character’s blood attunes to her supernatural gifts, as they become more and more a part of her. She may spend Vitae to increase dice pools for Supernatural Merits, as if they were Physical Attribute dice pools.
Upon taking this Coil, Supernatural Merits cost one Experience less, to a minimum of a single Experience. This counts retroactively; the character is refunded one Experience for each Supernatural Merit she already possesses.
At this level, Supernatural Merits gained through Coil of Zirnitra no longer require additional Vitae expenditure.
The Dragon’s Breath ••••
When your character spends Willpower to add dice to a Supernatural Merit dice pool, add her dots in Coil of Zirnitra, instead of the normal +3 dice.
At this level, failures with Supernatural Merits are considered failures, not dramatic failures.
Ascendancy •••••
Your character may push herself to extremes in the invocation of her forbidden arts. By suffering a level of unavoidable aggravated damage (Resilience does not assist), she can roll a Supernatural Merit activation as a rote action.
Additionally, your character is no longer limited in the number of Supernatural Merits she may possess.

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Scales of Zirnitra

Dragons learning the Coil of Zirnitra may pursue the following Scales.
Grafting Unholy Flesh
Prerequisite Coil: The Dragon’s Breath
Procedure: The Dragon must take a body part from another Kindred, psychic, or other supernatural creature. He must work quickly, and graft the body part onto his own form, letting his Vitae vitalize the tissue before it completely decomposes. The Dragon must know of a supernatural ability possessed by the subject, and choose a body part symbolic of that skill. This procedure may only take place on a Wyrm’s Nest.
Outcome: The Dragon must spend a point of Vitae in order to fuse the body part with his own form. So long as the Dragon keeps the body part animate as part of his body, he gains access to the ability. Any costs aside from Vitae and Willpower costs must be paid with both one Vitae and Willpower per point of its normal cost. If the victim survives the surgery, she loses access to the ability so long as the body part remains detached. She similarly loses any ability to regenerate that part. The body part has Health Levels equal to its Size, separate the vampire’s. If it loses all its Health Levels, it becomes worthless to the vampire. He may use this to affix a body part to another Kindred or ghoul.
Psychic Lobotomy
Prerequisite Coil: Opening the Third Eye
Procedure: The Dragon conducts surgery to remove a tiny part of the subject’s brain; this being the part most prone to psychic phenomena. While this causes measurable damage to the person’s identity, it protects him from supernatural influence of his mind.
Outcome: The surgery causes the subject to lose a dot of a Mental or Social Attribute of his player’s choice. The character loses access to all Supernatural Merits as well. Any power which would affect, influence, or read his mind suffer the Dragon’s Coil of Zirnitra dots as a penalty to their dice rolls, and he adds those dots in any contested rolls he makes. This includes many applications of Auspex, Majesty, Dominate, or many psychic Merits. A vampire or other regenerating creature may heal this surgery as an aggravated wound.


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