Mystery of the Ascendant

Mystery of the Ascendant

Coils of the Ascendant

The Mystery of the Ascendant follows one strict doctrine: The sun is the enemy; to overcome its rays is to overcome all adversity. Initiates of the Mystery believe that by overcoming the banes of fire and sunlight a Dragon can in turn defeat her every infirmity. This is not to be mistaken with a return to mortality. Such a change would be seen as an exchange of weaknesses, rather than true transcendence, and would be likely to get a vampire laughed at and his research ignored.

Scales of the Ascendant manipulate the boundary between life and death, pushing subject’s minds and bodies to their limits in an attempt to find the perfect “near life” state. Direct exposure to sunlight and fire, sleep deprivation, and medically induced death are common practices. All experiments have but one aim: To cure the vampire of his vulnerability to sunlight and allow the Dragon to walk in the day; lucid, unafraid, and uninjured.

● Övervinna dagsömnen

A Dragon will not be held down by the distant rays of the dawning sun, nor made weak by its celestial body. So long as she benefits from the Livstecken (blush of life, p. 90) the Dragon need not roll to resist her daily slumber, nor will she gain the Lethargic Condition (p. 305) for remaining active during the day.

V5 transkribering --> Blood Sorcery ritual level 1

Ritual basics:

  1. Rouse check
  2. 5 minutes (per level) to cast
  3. Ritual roll: Intelligence + Blood Sorcery test (difficulty Ritual level +1)

Surmounting daysleep

  • Ingredients: Pipette buried in the ground (outside) for at least one day between uses, 4 drops of blood of the caster.
  • Process: The caster uses the pipette to administer two drops of their own blood into each of their eyes.
  • System: Make an additional Rouse check to activate Blush of Life. Succeeding on the ritual roll allows the vampire to act as if she rolled a critical win on the Humanity check to stay awake during the day. (Awakening V5 219) The maximum dice pool to perform actions during the day is still limited to the casters Humanity rating.

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