Stridskonst: Kung Fu

Stridskonst: Kung Fu

Kostnad: ● till ●●●●● | Typ: Fysisk | Villkor: Strength ●●, Dexterity ●●, Stamina ●● och Brawl ●●

Your character is trained in one of the many forms of Kung Fu, conditioninghis mind and body for the purposes of focus and self-defense. He may have begun his training at an early age, following in the footsteps of family or friends, orhe mayhave joined a school as an adult for the purposes of exercise or protection.

Dots purchased in this Merit allowaccessto special combat maneuvers. Each maneuver is a prerequisite for the next. So, your character can’t have “Iron Skin” until he has “Focused Attack.” The maneuvers and their effects are listed below, most of which are based on the Brawl Skill.

● Focused Attack: Physical conditioning and accuracy allow your character to deliver blows at vulnerable spots on targets. Penalties to hit specific targets are reduced by one. See “Specified Targets,” p. 165. Even when a specific part of an opponent is not targeted, armor penalties to your character’s Brawl attacks are reduced by one.

●● Iron Skin: Your character has hardened his body to physical blows, allowinghim to withstand repeated hits with minimal effect. He has an effective armor trait of 1

●●● Defensive Attack: Your character has mastered the ability to fight defensively. When using this maneuver, your character gains +2 to his Defense for the turn, but any attack he makes suffers a -2 penalty. He can move no more than his Speed while performing a Defense Attack maneuver in a turn.

●●●● Whirlwind Strike: Your character can unleash a storm of blows against an opponent. He can make a number of extra Brawl attacks for each point of Dexterity that he has above 2 in a single action. Each extra attack is made at a cumulative -1 modifier. Thus, he can perform a total of two attacks at Dexterity 3 (the second of which is at -1), three attacks at Dexterity 4 (the third of which is at -2), and four at Dexterity 5 (the fourth of which is at -3). All attacks must be on the same target. Drawback: Your character cannot usehis Defense against any attack in the same turn in which he intends to use this maneuver. If he uses Defense against attacks that occur earlier in the Initiative roster, before he can perform this maneuver, he cannot perform the maneuver this turn. He is too busy bobbing and weaving out of the way of attacks.

●●●●● Lethal Strike: By focusing his might and concentration, your character can kill or maim an opponent with a well-placed strike. A strike inflicts lethal instead of bashing damage. Drawback: Spend one Willpower point per attack. (Note that this Willpower expenditure does not add three dice to the attack.)

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