Thaumaturgy - Mastery Of The Mortal Shell

A thaumaturge practicing Mastery of the Mortal Shell explores the fundamental functions of the body, granting control over the physical workings of a subject. Lesser powers of this path are clumsy in their control of the body, but become increasingly precise and complete. In the early nights, Mastery of the Mortal Shell was created to assist in the hunting the Tzimisce and Gangrel enemies of the Tremere, but its uses were expanded to enforce subservience among enslaved Gargoyles after their first revolt. The powers of this path form the foundation for many tales of witches’ curses and possession in folklore.

Unless otherwise stated, the powers of Mastery of the Mortal Shell last the number of turns equal to the number of successes a thaumaturge scores on his activation roll.


The thaumaturge induces minor disorientation and dizziness through subtle manipulations in the subject’s body. Although the physical discomfort is temporary and minor, Tremere have been known to use it on social rivals at the most inopportune times, causing them to lose their aplomb.

System: A touch from the thaumaturge (possibly requiring a Brawl attack, with Storyteller discretion) invokes disorientation in her victim. All of the subject’s physical actions are at +1 difficulty for the duration of Vertigo. Further uses of this path may extend the duration, though the difficulty will not increase beyond +1. The Storyteller may impose any other desirable effects, such as acrophobia or agoraphobia.

Clarification: Using this power requires a successful Brawl attack if used against an unwilling target. If successful, the target will suffer as if afflicted by either acrophobia or agoraphobia for the duration of the power.

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