The symbolic element of Mirror grants changelings who master its Contracts the ability to perform acts of selfmodification and shapechanging. As might be expected, these Contracts are popular among the fae, who might use these powers for anything from convenience to misdirection to outright deceit.


This clause has its roots in purely fae intrigues, allowing changelings to interact with one another without being recognized. It works with the fundamental nature of changeling physiology to allow a changeling to seem as if she hails from some kith or seeming other than her own. Riddle-Kith works exclusively on the general features of a mien, meaning that it creates only the impression that the individual is of a certain seeming. In other words, it won’t allow the changeling to selectively alter her features, nor will it permit the changeling to emulate a specific changeling, but it will give a clear impression of belonging to an entirely different seeming or kith. The new appearance is notably different from the old. For instance, a storm-attuned Elemental resembling a Japanese goblin who chooses to look like an Ogre wouldn’t look like an oni of similar coloration, but is much more likely to look European or otherwise significantly unlike himself. This Contract doesn’t affect the Mask.
Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Wyrd
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling must have dined with a member of the selected kith within the past week.

Roll Results

Dramatic Failure: instead appearing simply as something utterly unnatural. She may acquire a hodge-podge of beastly features, or her skin may mottle or spall off. The ultimate effect is that the changeling simply looks horrendous for the duration of the scene instead of looking as if she belongs to a distinct seeming, imposing a –1 die penalty to all Presence dice pools (except those related to Intimidation) during that time.
Failure: The Contract changes nothing about the changeling’s appearance.
Success: The changeling takes on the features of a seeming or kith of her choice, though what features, exactly, the Contract bestows are up to the Storyteller. This power lasts until the next sunrise or sunset, whichever comes first, though the changeling may choose to end the Contract before that if she wishes.
Exceptional Success: As with a standard success, though the changeling may choose the exact array of features this Contract grants her, so long as they’re congruous with the seeming she chose.

Suggested Modifiers

Modifier Situation
-2 The character has never seen a member of the seeming in question in person, and instead relies on descriptions or legends of the seeming.
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