Innan du ens börjar fylla i ditt rollformulär måste du ha ett tydligt koncept framför dig.


  • Righteous drug dealer.
  • Jaded political activist.
  • Well-dressed man who runs an orphanage for profit.
  • Stuck-up modern artist.
  • Neonate bloodbound to someone really important, who acts as their secretary/proxy.
  • Religious/philosophical innovator. Wants to convince others of their ideas.
  • Gang member risen from the dead, out for vengeance.
  • The perfect beauty, preserved for the ages, looking for someone beautiful enough-inside and out- to share eternity with.
  • Vampire scientist. Needs seed money for their projects, which are esoteric enough that mundane investing options aren't available.
  • Paparazzi. Distrubutes a 'zine at elysium. Interviews harpies, reports on goings on, tries to fill everyone in on the hot scoops.
  • Blind vampire specializing in Auspex.
  • Human bartender who crafts cocktails with his own blood for a price. (Could be a ghoul or not)
  • Boxer crippled in a title match, Embraced by his coach and slowly regaining the use of his legs.
  • Social worker, who uses Obfuscate to check on her old charges.
  • Butler, always deeply involved in the schemes of the Ventrue clan while secretly pulling all the strings.
  • Ventrue School Mistress, training up the next generation of ghouls and having a handy herd.
  • Aspirational Crime Lord - Not a crime lord yet but who wants to take over organised crime in the town.

The trick is to make characters that have goals, that are hungry for power or something. Any character with goals that set them against others in the game is going to have a good game and create interesting situations.

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