Salubri antitribu

The tumultuous approach of Gehenna has wrought many strange events in the modern nights, not the least of which is the introduction of the Salubri to the Sabbat. While the mainstream Salubri suffer reputations as soul-stealers and diablerists, the Salubri antitribu have put the nigh-incomprehensible practices of that bloodline behind them. With a rage borne of centuries of persecution, the Salubri antitribu have developed a consuming hatred for the Camarilla and joined forces with the Sabbat to bring about its destruction.

The Salubri antitribu have existed among the Sabbat for a mere handful of nights, and probably little before that. During this time, however, they have made names for themselves as vicious opponents of the Camarilla, whom they blame for the destruction of some powerful vampire somewhere back in their lineage, whose name has been forgotten in the modern nights. They have little love for the philosophy of the Sabbat, choosing to ally themselves with the sect out of martial necessity rather than subscription to the grand scheme. The Sabbat will take any soldiers they can get, however, and the Salubri antitribu know how strongly the Sabbat despises the Camarilla.

The Sabbat Salubri have made bold claims as to their effectiveness, saying that they have destroyed the cabal of sorcerers who brought about their bloodline hero's demise. (The name Salubri antitribu is a bit of a misnomer, as the Salubri do not have a Third Generation progenitor, but this matter is one of semantics and - if brought to the Furies' attention - histrionics.) They profess to have taken the war to the Camarilla, which they claim has hunted and persecuted them for close to a millennium. Spurred on by vengeance, Salubri antitribu have little time to pursue the rumors of Golconda put forth by the cowards of the bloodline from which they split. Indeed, non-Sabbat Salubri supposedly give themselves up when they Embrace a new childe, sacrificing themselves so that the childe may have every advantage she can get. This "sacrificial lamb" metaphor offers little to the Salubri antitribu, who reason that the flawed shall fall in battle while the strong uphold the clan’s private Jyhad.

The Salubri antitribu serve the Sabbat as reluctant warriors, easily distracted by their own internal quests. The rest of the Sabbat considers them anomalies, useful allies in times of war, but intolerable proselytizers when not in combat. To the Sabbat Salubri, this is fine - unlife is a hell of endless torment, ameliorated only by glorious death or victory in battle.

Nickname: Furies

Appearance: The Furies wear motley assemblies of piecemeal "armor," to protect them in their personal crusade against the Camarilla. They may look like modern leper mercenaries, bedecked in loosely assembled scraps of sheet metal and heavy padding, they may be grim knights, resplendent in riot gear, carrying an archaic sword at the ready. Whatever form they take, Salubri antitribu look like they mean business, and few want to stand in their way.

All Salubri antitribu acquire a mysterious third eye in the center of their foreheads when they develop the second level of their Discipline, Valeren, much like the independent Salubri bloodline. Unlike other Salubri, the Sabbat Salubri often don’t bother to hide this oddity, displaying it proudly as a herald of the destruction that awaits their enemies.

Haven: Salubri antitribu generally stay in the same havens as their packs. Many Furies keep their own private havens in addition to those of the pack, however, in the cellars of museums, libraries, hospitals and funeral parlors. These places are often ramshackle, secondary affairs, used more as boltholes or weapons caches than chambers in which to spend the innumerable nights of immortality.

Background: The Sabbat Salubri choose their progeny carefully, and they never use the Mass Embrace technique so popular during sieges and crusades. They choose individuals with strong wills, passion and the drive to do whatever needs to be done. Becoming a Salubri antitribu is far beyond the scope of most mortals' philosophies, however, as their plight has significance only to other vampires. As such, most new Salubri antitribu spend many of their early nights being indoctrinated by their sires, who couch their lessons in the forms of prophecies and parables of holy war. Only when the childe has been completely fired up and instilled with a hatred for all things Camarilla is she turned loose on her unsuspecting foes.

Character Creation: Furies share no Traits universally, though many play up loner or soldier concepts. Headstrong Natures and Demeanors such as Director, Fanatic, Bravo and Monster are common. Salubri antitribu prefer Physical Attributes and Skills, and they develop few Backgrounds other than Resources and Allies. Those Salubri antitribu who exist long enough to adopt more vampiric codes of ethics (rare, in light of their recent establishment) usually support the Path of Caine, the Path of Honorable Accord and the Path of Power and the Inner Voice.

Clan Disciplines: Auspex, Fortitude, Valeren

Weaknesses: Vitae taken outside the heat of passion offers no sustenance to the Salubri antitribu, nor does blood given freely. Unless the Fury takes blood by force, drinks in the throes of undead passion or slakes her thirst on a fallen foe, any blood points she consumes do not replenish her blood pool. Additionally, no Salubri antitribu may start the game lower than Tenth Generation or higher than Twelfth Generation, as the bloodline's vitae has yet to spread across the broader spectrum of Cainite potency.

Organization: The Sabbat Salubri organize themselves in a manner similar to the knightly orders of ages past. The bloodline recognizes foes killed, vampires diablerized and secrets uncovered in its quest to avenge the destruction of Saulot and the bloodline in its place of prominence. The eldest Salubri antitribu is Adonai, a vampire of the Seventh Generation, who awards title and honor to accomplished Furies in an annual ceremony during the Palla Grande. It is assumed that fewer than 100 of these vampires exist, and they tend to fall in battle frequently, as their fervor is not always a match for the sheer power of elder Cainites.

Quote: I have the power of gods in my veins. You have tattoos, a velvet vest, a top hat and a cane. Now get the fuck out of my way, little "vampire," or I'll cleave you in twain.


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