Ravnos antitribu

There is a saying among the Sabbat that it might be better to deal with the Devil himself than to bargain with a Ravnos antitribu. You won't get the better of either of them.

In the forgotten nights of history, likely some time after the Convention of Thorns, a faction of the Ravnos split from their Gypsy heritage after discovering the Sabbat. Although the Sabbat had a grandiose ideology behind it, these separatist Ravnos found themselves more enamored of the "nightlives" these vampires led. They didn't confound themselves with complex Hindu dharma riddles, nor did they subvert their bestial natures. The Sabbat was composed of vampires through and through, and it offered many possibilities for the malicious deceit and wanderlust of these young defectors, who became the first Ravnos antitribu.

Since then, the Sabbat Ravnos have had little to do with the sect, serving it when it’s convenient, and otherwise taking advantage of the lack of communication presented by constant travel. Some wonder why they bother with sect allegiance at all, but when a piece of Rogue-discovered information turns the tide in siege or an enterprising Ravnos antitribu manages to seduce a Camarilla prince's progeny, all these fears evaporate. It would seem the Ravnos antitribu have turned their backs on their original clan, if only to be free of their elders' overbearing presence. And such is the nature of the Sabbat.

The nomadic existence of most Sabbat packs suits the Ravnos antitribu quite well. The idea of a permanent haven is almost anathema to the Rogues, who like nothing better than to serve their pack by setting up a temporary base to scout enemy territory, knowing that they can pull up stakes and move locations whenever the pack's needs change. Such pilgrimage is their preference in the modern nights, but many suspect that its roots go much deeper, possibly stemming from the prejudices of race and culture that victimized the Ravnos antitribu’s human ancestors, and the centuries they spent fleeing perecuion. A Sabbat Ravnos is also less likely to feel bored or stagnant than his independent counterparts, as he rarely supports the complex philosophies they do.

While the average Rogue possesses a rakish charm that may win her a temporary companion or two, the Ravnos antitribu has virtually no mortal allies she can rely on with regularity. Ravnos are very much the "love them and leave them" type. They use their smooth talents with either sex both for personal pleasure and information-gathering.

Sect notwithstanding, the Ravnos antitribu have a traditional code of conduct for dealing with their clanmates. This code may be difficult for those outside the clan to follow, but nonetheless, a Ravnos' word to his pack is his law. They follow the "spit and shake" rule of all Ravnos on verbal agreements, but the Rogues take this one step further. If a Sabbat member wants an agreement in writing, it will be signed in blood, the pen dipped in an open wound on the Ravnos' own arm. This binding in blood is as strong as the Vaulderie to the Sabbat Ravnos, and it can be broken only by Final Death. Violating the code costs the perpetrator a considerable loss of face with other Ravnos, which has been adopted by the sect at large. Few Sabbat Ravnos feel comfortable giving this guarantee to Sabbat members outside their clan, and most do get quite indignant should the other party suggest it.

Nickname: Rogues

Appearance: Ravnos of the Sabbat generally have swarthy, Romantic good looks. They often have black hair, dark eyes and olive complexions. When on the road, they dress in a functional, nondescript manner - jeans, T-shirts and riding leathers for both men and women - so as not to draw attention to themselves when in enemy territory. When they set up temporary camps or become part of founded covens, however, they tend to dress with a bit more flash. Male and female Ravnos antitribu alike wear bright colors, often orna mented with jewelry or other accessories.

Haven: Hanging their hat wherever the pack pleases works just fine for the Ravnos antitribu. They hole up wher ever and whenever the need arises, in whatever accommodations are available at the time. If one chooses a permanent haven, he may appropriate a crumbling old man sion, plantation manor or similar structure, or he may prefer a simple, easily portable affair for ease in travel. Ravnos antitribu tend not to keep too many personal items - though they may steal, trade for and otherwise come into possessions on the road, Rogues rarely keep anything for very long. The challenge is in the acquisition, not the ownership.

Background: Sabbat Ravnos look to the decadent under belly of humankind for their childer. Any young charismatic individual with a penchant for deception may make a notewor thy Ravnos antitribu. A quick wit and callous disregard for the feelings and property of others are key elements in the choosing of someone to Embrace. Much of their mortal Gypsy blood has been forfeit, and the Ravnos antitribu are more a clan in the Cainite sense than the vampiric outgrowth of the mortal Rom families: Most Rogues are gorgio (non-Gypsies), especially in the United States and South America.

Character Creation: The Ravnos antitribu generally have loner, drifter or entertainer concepts, though many are criminals as well. They may have any Nature, usually juxtaposed with a radically different Demeanor (to keep others guessing). Social and Mental Attributes are most common, usualIy with Physical as secondary, to weather the hardships of the road. Most Ravnos antitribu cultivate Skills over Talents and Knowledges, and few have much use for Backgrounds beyond the odd Contact or Ally. Many Ravnos antitribu follow the Path of Cathari, the Path of Caine and the Path of Death and the Soul, though some retain Humanity indefinitely.

Clan Disciplines: Animalism, Chimerstry, Fortitude

Weaknesses: Like their independent siblings, the Ravnos antitribu have had a long history of catering to their increasingly depraved whims. Each Rogue specializes in an area of vice in she is particularly interested, and she takes every opportunity for practice sessions. In fact, she must make an effort to resist her vice when given the chance to indulge it. The player decides what type of "crime" the character will be addicted to during charac ter creation. It could be pickpocketing, congames, carjacking, murder or any other concept the player and Storyteller can agree on.

Organization: The Ravnos antitribu have little formal organization, instead making their own ways on the interstates at night. Rogues do respect skill and prowess, however, and when Ravnos antitribu gather, they tell tales of their own accomplishments, of Lupines baited and slain, and grand schemes elaborately concocted and flawlessly executed. As is to be expected, of course, many of these tales are lies or exaggerations, but storytelling is often prized as much as the deed itself.

Ravnos antitribu deal with Ravnos and Gypsies with great difficulty, showing a particular hatred for those of Romany descent. Many suspect the clan had long been shunned by the vampires and Gypsy folk of purer blood, treating the Rogues as inferior, and the Ravnos antitribu have finally decided to return the antipathy. Ravnos antitribu extend a "thieves' honor" to Sabbat Ravnos, and all other members of the sect, believeing that harming one's own brothers and sisters can lead only to another schism, which which would leave the rogues utterly alone.

Quote: This is what the Sabbat is all about - the freedom to roam the highways, feed wherever I will and take what catches my fancy. This is the best unlife could hope to be, and I would proudly die defending it. You gotta die for your own, though. You're not my responsibility.



Hastimukha Rajagopal — antitribu dàrathad ravnos slp

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