Gangrel antitribu

Feral and untamed, the Gangrel antitribu show an animalistic face to the Sabbat. Having grown apart from the Gypsy heritage of the mainstream Gangrel, the Sabbat Gangrel have returned to their bestial sides, becoming deadly hunters whose skill in the pursuit of prey is unmatched. The clan includes subtle slayers and savage berserkers alike, and the skill with which the Gangrel take on their foes lends a powerful strength to the sect. Gangrel antitribu are not sadistic bullies like the Brujah or mindless automatons like the Blood Brothers, however. Rather, they are instinctive, predatory creatures, enjoying the thrill of the hunt almost as much as the heady rush of feeding.

The Sabbat Gangrel have seen a recent influx of defectors from the Camarilla in recent nights, though few of these vampires seem to want to share the reasoning behind the exodus. Many whisper of "sleeping horrors" awakened, and the fact that the Sabbat has been "right all along." The sect as a whole seems frustrated by this turn of events and the apparent reluctance of the defectors to speak about their motives, but whatever it is that scares these urban preda tors, it must be of epic scale.

Gangrel antitribu divide themselves into two sub-clans, based on a deviation of clan blood thought to have occurred in the late 18th century. The "original" Gangrel, known in the Sabbat as Country Gangrel, are similar to their erstwhile Camarilla counterparts, shunning society and eking out unlives as lone hunters. They resemble the monstrous vampires of mortal legend, possessing the abilities to assume animal forms and call on nature's lesser creatures. The Country Gangrel support the Sabbat as scouts and warriors, using their animal contacts to retrieve information and their martial prowess to rend foes to bits.

City Gangrel are rumored to have become a distinct bloodline during the time of the Industrial Revolution, when cities became larger and less depen dent on the resources of the countryside. Rather than forage for themselves in the hinterlands, a certain few Gangrel made havens for themselves in the cities, becoming monsters of urban legend and spreading terror in the wake of their feeding binges. No less animalistic than their Country Gangrel siblings, City Gangrel hide among the refuse and alleys of the city rather than the Lupine-infested copses other Gangrel prefer.

More so than other Gangrel, however, Gangrel of the Sabbat realize the importance of watching each other's backs during these tumultuous nights before Gehenna. The cities and outlands alike harbor many dangers, and a pack stands a better chance of dealing with them than an individual does. In this way, Sabbat Gangrel consider themselves more in touch with their animalistic sides than Camarilla or independent Gangrel by emulating the wolves and lions of the wilds.

Nickname: Hunters

Appearance: Most Gangrel don't give a damn about their appearances, considering vanity secondary to function ality. They typically appear sloppy or disheveled. Despite their abandonment of their Gypsy heritage, many Gangrel still bear swarthy features and dark hair. Some City Gangrel have adopted the slick, fashionable styles of the mortal world, but only as a form of "urban camouflage" that allows them to stalk their prey with greater ease. Often Gangrel are Em braced without a great deal of forethought, and many still bear unshaven beards or unkempt hair (though they may remedy these rugged features as they rise each night, if they wish).

Haven: Gangrel of both ilk are equally at home in the ground, under rocks or hidden behind garbage cans. Most Gangrel eschew permanent havens, communal or otherwise, and have adopted the nomadic unlifestyle. Any place a Gangrel may rise at sunset and stalk her prey is fine. Gangrel also keep few possessions other than what they can easily carry, so they have no real need for a place to cache large collections of belongings.

Background: Gangrel antitribu draw their childer from the ranks of those who possess a tenacity or survival instinct. Uncomplicated folk, Sabbat Gangrel often Embrace indi viduals like themselves when they bother to Embrace at all, so that they may have packmates of similar outlooks. Strangely enough, Hunters often act as patrons and mentors to their childer, perhaps out of animalistic duty as alpha to their pack members. City Gangrel choose particularly resilient folk for their childer, or those who would bear a grudge against the mortal world; thus, many City Gangrel come from the ranks of the homeless or foreign cultures resigned to ghettoes in the vast urban sprawls. For some in inexplicable reason, many of the Country Gangrel in North America seem to have Native American ancestry, and some suspect this has a good deal to do with the Sabbat's prominence during the time of the American Manifest Destiny.

Character Creation: Most Country Gangrel are outsid ers, drifters and the like, while City Gangrel favor more social concepts like soldiers or traveling entertainers. Physical Attributes are most often primary, though many Sabbat Gangrel display keen Wits and Perception. Gangrel antitibu favor Talents almost universally, As mentioned before, many Sabbat Gangrel have Mentors, and some few become Black Hand members or accomplished Sabbat with some measure of Sabbat Status. When Gangrel forsake Humanity, it is usually in favor of the Path of the Feral Heart or, far less common, the heretical Path of Lilith.

Clan Disciplines: Animalism, Fortitude, Protean (for Country Gangrel); Celerity, Obfuscate, Protean (for City Gangrel)

Weaknesses: As with other Gangrel, the Beast Within never lurks too far from Sabbat Gangrel, leaving its indelible mark on their bodies. Whenever a Sabbat Gangrel frenzies, she gains an animalistic feature. The Storyteller and the player should work determine this feature. Every five of these features acquired reduces one of the Gangrel's Social Attributes by one These animal traits should be subtle yet unnerving - a tough hide, pronounced fangs, slitted pupils, etcetera. In recent nights, many City Gangrel seem to have acquired the features of urban animals, like rats, pigeons, dogs and even certain insects.

Organization: Country Gangrel and City Gangrel bear a certain animosity toward each other, which is likely a result of the clan's division so many centuries ago. City Gangrel believe their Country brethren to be bumpkins and rustics, while the Country feel that the City Gangrel have debased themselves, becoming carrion eaters and dwellers-in-trash. This dispute appears to be primarily a "family matter," however, and few outside the sect see it, because the Gangrel certainly don't advertise. Gangrel antitribu tend to respect accomplishment among their members, and many amass some degree of temporal power in the sect (often to their chagrin). Rather than shirk their sect responsibilities, however, the Gangrel antitribu bear their burdens with a certain savage nobility.

Quote: Watch carefully - if you bite your prey like this, you reduce the spray of blood from their veins, which means more for you and less waste. Just leave the body behind that dumpster and we'll move on.



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