Daughters of Cacophony

As far as the Kindred are concerned, the Daughters of Cacophony are a modern bloodline, coming into being only within the last few centuries. Many vampires believe this curious bloodline to be the product of mystical unions between Toreador and Malkavians, but little in the bloodline's obscure history indicates that it is anything other than an anomaly, or perhaps the result of a particularly gifted Caitiff.

Whatever their origin, the Daughters of Cacophony are singers extraordinaire, possessed of supernaturally magnificent (or terrifying) voices. Their voices, however, are known for something other than their mystical allure. Through singing, a Daughter of Cacophony may fracture the minds of those who hear her. Darker tales tell of Daughters who can shatter objects - and individuals with their voices as a mortal singer shatters a glass.

Few Kindred in the Old World have heard much about the Daughters of Cacophony and even fewer have had the opportunity to meet one. The bloodline's presence seems to be largely in the New World, and of little influence.

The Daughters of Cacophony are often considered inconsequential by those Kindred with whom they share domain. Whether it is because the bloodline largely avoids the nightly perils of the Jyhad, or because it is not typically martially or politically inclined, Camarilla and Sabbat alike tend to ignore the Daughters. In their complacency, however, they have ignored much that has occured in the modern nights of the bloodline. Whereas the bloodline once admitted male members, it has recently culled them from its ranks for reasons unknown. Additionally, a few Kindred have reported that the Daughters' power seems to be increasing - their mysterious songs may be tuned to wreak greater havoc than before, and their blood appears more potent. When confronted with these rumors, the Daughters simply nod and smile, singing as is they hadn't a care.

Naturally, the Daughters are silent as to their greater agenda, if indeed any exists at all. They prefer to while away their nights in song, offering their musical interludes to each other and small, intimate collectives of those who follow their undead career knowingly or otherwise. They tend to associate with Toreador, Ventrue and Malkavian Kindred, all of whom seem to be able to appreciate the unnatural beauty of their songs, and sometimes become entangled in the machinations of these Kindred.

Daughters of Cacophony, when they can be bothered with issues so peripheral to their interests, sometimes fall in with whichever sect exerts the greatest influence in their immediate surroundings. They seem to abide by the Masquerade, but whether or not they actually care is not obvious - it may be that they see no need to expose themselves for what they are to the mortals around them. More than one account has circulated, however, of Daughters of Cacophony spending nights with elders of both sects and the independents and leaving them maddened after a particularly rousing concert.

Nickname: Sirens

Sect: As a bloodline, the Daughters of Cacophony care little for politics, and have no "official" affiliation with eitherthe Camarilla or the Sabbat. Most Daughters find Sabbat cities brutal and uncomfortable, though, and typically establish residence in Camarilla cities or locales in which they are the only vampire present.

Appearance: The Daughters of Cacophony vary widely in appearance, from rail-thin waifs to rotund opera divas. Members of the bloodline affect clothes and manners that befit their musical niche; the Daughters have their share of leather-clad punk-band front women, satin-dressed piano ingenues and everything in between.

Haven: The Daughters make havens wherever suits their tastes, which may be derelict warehouses, high-rise condominium developments or even the opera houses in which they perform. They typically hide their havens from other Kindred, relying on isolation to protect them.

Background: The bloodline Embraces only those females who possess alluring or noteworthy voices. These individuals need not be singers or musicians in life, though most were. Daughters of Cacophony come from all strata of society, chosen for their singing ability above any other concerns (except gender, of course).

Character Creation: Daughters of Cacophony often have entertainer or performer concepts. Nature and Demeanour may be anything, but most often reflect a predilection for the limelight. Most favour Social Attributes, and cultivate Expression and Performance Abilities. Daughters almost always possess some degree of Fame, and a Herd of admirers commonly surrounds a given Siren.

Clan Disciplines: Fortitude, Melpominee, Presence

Weaknesses: The Daughters of Cacophony, upon their Embrace, become almost trapped by the music that circulates through their souls. Like the Toreador, who become entranced by beauty they observe, the Daughters of Cacophony often lose themselves in the melodic strains that only they can hear. Some Kindred postulate that all Daughters hear the same ephemeral tunes, but the Daughters themselves have offered no insight. The difficulties of Perception rolls are increased by one for Daughters of Cacophony, and no Daughter may ever have an Awareness Trait above three, as she is continually distracted by her inner music.

Organization: The Daughters have no formal organization - their numbers are so few and far between that any given location is unlikely to be home for more than one or two of them (if any). When Daughters do congregate for whatever reason, the younger members of the bloodline often defer to the older ones. Some Kindred have been witness to small assemblies of Daughters who perform songs of haunting beauty or frightening timbre that leave their audiences… moved. It has been noted by observant Kindred more than once that even in the most impromptu of performances, all Daughters present seem to know exactly what will be sung in addition to all the verses….

Quote: Why do we sing? Because we must. The noisome undercurrent that passes through each of us must be let to the surface, or it will boil us from within. Let it never be said that an undead heart feels no passion.

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