Assamite antitribu

In the nights following the Anarch Revolt and the Convention of Thorns, Clan Assamite found itself in a deadly predicament. In light of the overwhelming opposition posed by the young Camarilla, the Assamites became targets for the ire of all vampires. To temper the threat the Saracen Assassins posed, the Camarilla subjected Clan Assamite to a powerful Tremere curse, rendering the Assamites unable to partake of Cainite vitae, which was core to many Assamite's ethical codes.

Not every Assamite succumbed to the blood curse, however. A few bold Assamites, led by the first hulul, al-Numair, wnt into hiding. In the nights that followed, al-Numair and his band of rebel assassins joined the young Sabbat, more out of defiance to the Camarilla than support for the sect's still-nascent philosophy. Since that time, however, the Assamite antitribu have assumed an important role in the Sabbat and become some of the most feared members of the notorious Black Hand.

Assamite antitribu serve their clan first and the Sabbat second, though many of their beliefs coincide with those of the sect. Unlike members of their original clan, Assamite antitribu do not revere Haqim. Rather, they see him as they see all of the loathed Antediluvians, as a corrupt, malignant force that will one night rise and devour his children. Instead, Assamite antitribu seek to grow ever closer to Caine, whom the mainstream Assamites regard as an abomination. Regardless, the two clans seem to be on fairly civil terms, though no outsider has come up with a credible reason why. Indead, the Assamite antitribu seem to bear a hauteur over their mainstream brethren, whom they chide mercilessly for accepting the Camarilla's curse even after they have broken it.

Like the members of their original clan, Assamites are masters of assassination and silent killing. The Angels of Caine are a valuable martial addition to the Sabbat, which would lack a good deal of prowess and tactical brilliance without them. Many Assamite antitribu attain significant military rank in the sect, and many more go on to become some of the sect's greatest killer-heroes, leaving the corpses and ashes of fallen infidels to mark their silent passing.

Assamite antitribu do not typically assume the roles of pack priests, though many become ducti, espectially if combat or assassination is their pack's purpose. Most Angels of Caine belong to exclusively Assamite antitribu packs, though more and more of them have broken this mold, becoming valuable additions to more diverse packs. They do not proselytize as strongly as the non-Sabbat clan does, believing that converting others to their faith is vanity. In the end, Caine shall recognize his own, and others will have been given the choice to follow him or take their own path.

Nickname: Angels of Caine

Appearance: Assamite Antitribu bear similiar apppearance to their non-Sabbat counterparts, though many more antitribu bear the features of European or mixed cultures. Elders wear traditional Middle Eastern or Mesopotamian garb, while young Assamite antitribu favor a more modern wardrobe, even adopting gang or cultic garb to better hide among these violent subcultures. As with the Assamites, an Assamite antitribu's skin grows darker as the Cainite ages.

Haven: Assamite antitribu favor communal havens, which may take the form of pack havens, assassins' cells of other Assamite antitribu, or other "nests" of vampires. Favored locations include refrigerated warehouses, abandoned slums and slaughterhouses, where bodies may be disposed of with minimal difficulty.

Background: Most members of the Assamite antitribu hail from Middle Eastern, North African, or Asiatic cultures, though these may be several generations removed from their place of origin. More and more, however - especially among the higher generations - lineage has grown less important taking a back seat to ability. Newly embraced Assamite antitribu do not typically become active in the sect immediately, serving seven-year "apprenticeships" at Black Hand strongholds or under the guidance of skilled masters instead. These mustajib - deserving ones - must prove themselves to the clan before being offered the opportunity to prove themselves to the sect.

Character Creation: Assamite antitribu can come from any racial or ethnic stock, though Middle Eastern and North African are most common. Like non-Sabbat Assamites, many Assamite antitribu are ex-soldiers, criminals, holy men and explorers. Their Natures are usually brusque and direct (and likely violent), but their Demeanors can be anything at all. Physical Attributes tend to be primary among the Assamite antitribu as do Skills. Common backgrounds for the Angels of Caine include Black Hand membership, Mentor, Generation and sometimes Sabbat Status. Many Assamite antitribu follow the Path of Caine, and as such, the Assamite antitribu are often regarded as heretical by their parent clan.

Clans Disciplines: Celerity, Obfuscate, Quietus

Weaknesses: The Assamite antitribu never suffered the curse the Camarilla put on the mainstream clan. While the Assamites are only now returning to the bloodlust endemic to those of Haqim's line, th antitribu have possessed this weakness all along.

Assamite antitribu become addicted to Cainite vitae easily. Whenever an Assamite antitribu drinks the blood of another vampire, he may become addicted. The player must make a Self-Control roll (difficulty 3 + the number of blood points taken). If the player fails the roll, the Assamite has become addicted. Once addicted, every time an Assamite antitribu partakes of vampire blood, the player must make antoher Self-Control roll (difficulty 6) or succumb to frenzy, in which he will take as much blood from his vessel as possible. Storytellers should encourage players to roleplay this craving for undead vitae - Assamite antitribu do not subjugate their bloodlust, they indulge it.

Organization: The Assamite Antitribu maintain a structure similiar to that of the original Clan Assamite. Members follow a hierarchy, unusual among the clans of the Sabbat (because most other clans devote their duty to the sect first). Instead of the Old Man of the Mountain, however, the Assamite antitribu follow the guidance of the hulul, the eldest member of the clan. Every 100 years, the Assamite Antitribu ritually destroy their hulul as an offering to Caine, and one member of the clan is selected to partake of the slain vampire's blood and become the new hulul. The hulul is attended and advised by the shakari, the wisest and most accomplished members of the clan. Vampires below these stations operated much like normal Assamites do, taking assassination contracts and indulging in wanton diablerie.

Quote: You are so frail, I am almost ashamed to take your blood. Almost.


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