Kalla vindens hinna

Kalla vindens hinna

The Cold Wind Caul chills the Sin-Eater’s body. He always feels cold and slightly clammy, as if he’s been dead for several hours, and turns translucent and indistinct. The Sin-Eater adds his activation successes to any Stealth rolls, and cannot be detected on thermal imaging equipment.

Kalla vindens hinna ••

The Sin-Eater is blown by a cold wind rather than walking. He remains roughly two inches above the surface of the ground, and can walk on water just as easily.

Kalla vindens hinna •••

The Bound may drastically reduce his body temperature, freezing up to a gallon of water with a touch and dealing his Caul rating in bashing damage to any opponent he grapples.

Kalla vindens hinna ••••

This power renders the Sin-Eater as insubstantial as the air. He can reflexively spend two points of plasm to completely ignore any attack that occurs after his initiative.

Kalla vindens hinna •••••

The Sin-Eater merges with the winds. By spending two points of plasm, he vanishes and can re-form anywhere within his Caul rating in miles just a minute later. The departure and arrival point must both be outdoors.

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