Industriella oraklet

Industriella oraklet

Skill: Investigation

The Industrial Oracle grants insight into crafted objects, from hand-crafted antique furniture to stateofthe art electronics. While this Manifestation is active, the Sin-Eater may apply the activation successes to all rolls made to understand or observe such items. When performing any Wits-related action to study or scrutinize crafted items in the area, add the Sin-Eater’s activation successes as a dice bonus to any such roll. In addition to obvious uses of the Industrial Oracle, the Sin-Eater might add his activation successes to a Wits + Investigation roll to notice a hidden safe or a silent alarm system, or to a Wits + Composure roll to notice how many people in the room are carrying concealed weapons.

The Anachrotech Modifiers (see GtSE pg. 111) apply to all applications of the Industrial Oracle.

Industriella oraklet ••

This heightened awareness expands to grant insight into a crafted item’s properties and weaknesses. Whenever a Sin-Eater who has unlocked the Industrial Oracle attempts to operate, damage, disable, or destroy a crafted item (whether kicking in a door, disarming an explosive, or hot-wiring a car), the player may add the activation successes as a dice bonus to any relevant roll. This benefit is no longer limited to Wits-related rolls but may be applied to any roll that can logically benefit from a supernatural insight into the item to be manipulated.

Industriella oraklet •••

By unlocking the Industrial Oracle and then handling the item for several second, plasm will flow from the Bound’s hands through the device, producing a smoky mist of plasm that grants the Sin-Eater visions of the item’s prior history. The player spends 1 plasm and rolls Intelligence + Investigation + (activation successes); success grants valuable insights into the object’s past. Each success allows the Sin-Eater’s player to ask the Storyteller one question about the object’s prior history.

Industriella oraklet ••••

With this power, the Sin-Eater may study an object for just a few seconds and instantly notice weak spots and pressure points, making it all that much easier to tear the item apart or smash it to bits. The player spends 1 plasm and rolls Intelligence + Investigation + (activation successes). For each success rolled, the Sin-Eater can ignore one point of the item’s Durability when attacking it or attempting to destroy it during the course of that scene.

Industriella oraklet •••••

By utilizing the power of technology to transcend distance, the Sin-Eater can use telecommunications equipment to project her senses. The Sin-Eater simply makes a phone call and, assuming someone picks up on the other end, she can project her senses to the telephone at the other end. In and of itself, this power may not seem very impressive. The Sin-Eater can perceive anything in the area she called from the vantage point of the receiving telephone, and she can reorient her senses to view anything that could be seen from that vantage point. However, if the Sin-Eater also has access to the Boneyard Manifestation, she can unlock
that Manifestation with the Industrial Key, center it on the receiving telephone, and be able to use any powers associated with the Industrial Boneyard as if she were physically at that location. This Manifestation ends immediately if the phone call is disconnected.

The Sin-Eater must first unlock the Industrial Oracle through a standard activation roll, before spending one plasm and rolling Intelligence + Investigation + (activation successes). The roll to initiate this power suffers Anachrotech penalties (see pg. 111) as follows: apply no penalty if both the calling and receiving phones are landline telephones. Apply a –4 penalty if both phones are cell phones. If one is a cell phone and the other a land line, apply a –2 penalty. This power may only be used through standard telephones, although rumors among the Sin-Eaters hint that some of their number may exercise this power through fax machines and even through Internet connections, albeit with great difficulty.

If successful, for the duration of the phone connection, the Sin-Eater can perceive anything in the area where the receiving telephone sits. If the Sin-Eater attempts to unlock the Industrial Boneyard at the target location, the activation for that roll gains a number of bonus dice equal to the successes on this roll.

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