Industriella marionetten

Industriella marionetten

Skill: Crafts

With this power, the Sin-Eater exercises dominion over mechanical and technological devices, as well as crafted items such as furniture, building fixtures, and works of art. Any activation roll for the Industrial Marionette is subject to the dice modifiers listed under the Technology Level Modifiers chart on pg. 111. The basic activation roll simply allows for a form of telekinesis — the sympathetic link forged between the Sin-Eater and the affected object allows her to move it around the area at will. Unless combined with the Boneyard or the Oracle, the Sin-Eater must be within line of sight of any object he wishes to manipulate with this Manifestation. Some of the higher-level effects associated with the Industrial Boneyard duplicate the powers of this Manifestation, but industrial Marionette is usually cheaper, sacrificing range and versatility for efficiency.

With Industrial Marionette •, the Sin-Eater can manipulate any device or object up to Size 5. Each additional dot in this Manifestation adds +5 to the maximum Size. With Industrial Marionette •••••, the Sin-Eater can manipulate a device or object up to Size 25 freely, but he can also manipulate even larger objects by suffering a dice penalty equal to –1 per 10 points of Size to be manipulated in excess of 25. The Sin-Eater may only exceed the normal Size cap with the five-dot version. Unlocking the Industrial Marionette requires the expenditure of plasm equal to the minimum rating needed to affect the device based on its Size.

Once he has succeeded on the activation roll, the Sin-Eater can command the affected device to perform any of the following actions with no further plasm cost:

  • The Sin-Eater can turn any electrical or mechanical device on or off. This action can be performed reflexively.
  • The Sin-Eater can telekinetically manipulate the device as if he were exercising a Strength against it equal to the activation successes. That is, if the player had rolled four activation successes and the device could be lifted by someone with a Strength + Athletics pool of 4 or less, then the Sin-Eater could freely move the device through will alone. This action requires limited concentration — the Sin-Eater may undertake another action while moving the object, but he suffers a –2 dice penalty on the action.

The Sin-Eater also has access to the following additional power options, all of which require the expenditure of additional plasm:

  • If the activation successes exceed the minimum requirement for moving the device by 1, the Sin-Eater can slide it forcefully across the floor towards a target as an attack. The dice pool for this attack is Resolve + activation successes (– target’s Defense). If the activation successes exceed the minimum requirement for moving the device by 2, the Sin-Eater can telekinetically hurl the device towards the target, using Resolve + activation successes + object’s Size (- target’s Defense). Either form of attack costs 1 plasm per attack and requires total concentration and a full action on the part of the Sin-Eater.
  • While the Sin-Eater maintains concentration, she can cause the device to do anything that would normally fit within its design parameters, even if it could not normally perform such an action unaided. For example, she could command an electric vacuum cleaner to begin sweeping a floor, or she could cause a radio to produce whatever sound she wished or a television to show whatever images she desired. Using this power costs 1 plasm, and control lasts for a scene or until the Sin-Eater is distracted. If control is lost, the Sin-Eater must spend another plasm to reassert it. Generally, the roll for any such sophisticated activity is Wits + Resolve unless some other Attribute or Skill combination seems more relevant (such as Wits + Drive to operate a car through this power, or Intelligence + Computer to hack a computer system). Any actions performed with this power require a full action on the part of the Sin-Eater.

Dyrka lås med industriella marionetten

Slå först för att aktivera marionetten och betala plasmakostnaden.
Slå sedan för att Dyrka lås mentalt (Resolve + Larceny). Eventuella modifikationer:

+2 Du har tydlig insyn i låsets mekanik.
+1 Låset är bekant (du vet hur nyckeln ser ut, du har dyrkat det förut).
-2 Du ser inte låset tydligt.

Finally, at the ultimate level of the Industrial Marionette, the Sin-Eater may unlock this power:

Industrial Marionette •••••: Infusing the object of her attention with plasm, the Sin-Eater can overload it, causing it to explode violently. This power can affect only devices that are either electrical or mechanical in nature. The player spends 1 plasm per point of the targeted device’s Size, and rolls Resolve + Craft + (activation successes) as an instant action. If successful, the targeted device explodes violently, inflicting one level of lethal damage per success on everyone within (device’s Size x 3) yards of the device. Characters aware of what is happening may attempt to leap for cover as a reflexive action, with each success on a Dexterity + Athletics roll reducing the damage inflicted by one point.

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