Industriella hinnan

Industriella hinnan

Skill: Crafts

Industriella hinnan förenar Syndaätaren och hans Gast till att bilda en bildlig sorts "Ghost in the Machine". Hon suddar ut gränsen mellan man och maskin och lär sig bli ett med mackapärer och införliva manicker i sin egen kropp. Dessa förmågor ger surrealistiska verkningar, och vetenskap får backa för den nya skolan: nekroteknologi.

Most powers of the Industrial Caul allow the Sin-Eater to meld with pieces of technology. Once she’s implanted a piece of technology, she adds her modified activation successes to her dice pool when using it. When using the Industrial Caul, she can’t properly relate to humans, suffering a –2 modifier to all Presence rolls.

Initially, the Industrial Caul allows a Sin-Eater to implant simple man-made items of up to Size 3 into his body. Every item costs a point of plasm to implant. Whatever she melds with cannot rely on electronic or chemical power sources. She can hide or reveal the objects as a reflexive action.

Industriella hinnan ••

The Sin-Eater can implant anything of Size 3 or below, including firearms and power tools. She can hold a total number of items in her body up to her Caul rating, though she can only use two items at once (extending each through one of her arms).

Industriella hinnan •••

At this level, the Sin-Eater may manifest all the objects stored within her simultaneously, growing extra “arms” (which appear as mechanical constructions) as necessary.

Industriella hinnan ••••

The character may meld with larger objects, up to Size 10 + the Sin-Eater’s Psyche. She can’t store any other items within herself while joined with a large device, and it costs two points of plasm to join with it. Her hands and legs flow into the machine while she controls it.

Industriella hinnan •••••

The Sin-Eater can store items within her body when bonding with larger machines, and reveal them as for Industrial Caul •••, though each item she grows an arm for costs a point of plasm.

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