Industriella griftegården

Industriella griftegården

Skill: Crafts

The Industrial Boneyard draws upon the relentless inhumanity of the machine and the sterility which separates man-made structures from natural ones. If the Sin-Eater unlocks the Industrial Boneyard inside a building of any kind, he may add his Craft rating to the activation successes for purposes of determining the maximum area, but when he does so, the Boneyard’s area can never extend beyond the physical structure of the building itself. In order to gain this benefit, the Sin-Eater need not be inside the structure, but he must be able to touch one of its outer walls. With Industrial Boneyard •••, the Sin-Eater can extend his control to encompass multiple connected buildings which are part of the same unit (such as a mansion and its guesthouse or all the cookie-cutter houses in a residential subdivision) but not any place outside of a structure. With Boneyard •••••, the Sin-Eater’s gaze even covers the grounds of a large estate or the yards and streets of a residential neighborhood.

Industriella griftegården ••

The Sin-Eater can target any mechanical device she is capable of perceiving within the
Boneyard and turn it on or off at will. The Sin-Eater’s player must roll (Wits + Craft + activation successes) and
spend 1 plasm. In addition to this power, the Sin-Eater may reflexively add her activation successes to any Wits-related roll to perceive or understand any aspect of the structure within which she stands. She can easily perceive hidden passages, concealed safes and the like. This aspect of the power costs nothing.

Industriella griftegården •••

The Sin-Eater can completely control a single device within the Boneyard, directing it as he wishes, using the same dice pool as the previous power. However, he can only cause such devices to do things normally within their purview. That is, he could cause a vacuum cleaner to begin cleaning a rug but he could not cause it to fly about the room. This power costs nothing provided that the target device does not require any electricity or is already plugged in if it does require power. Feats such as activating an unplugged appliance or moving an unplugged vacuum cleaner cost 1 plasm per target to be affected.

Industriella griftegården ••••

The Sin-Eater can telekinetically move any non-living item which he can perceive
within the Boneyard. He can cause items to fling themselves at targets or he can turn on a television and cause it to display whatever images he desires. Controlling inanimate objects in this manner costs a number of plasm points equal to the size of the item. The player must roll (Resolve + Craft + activation successes) to activate this power. If the Sin-Eater attempts to hurl the item at a target, the roll is (Resolve + the object’s Size + activation successes, minus the target’s Defense). The Sin-Eater may only make one such attack per turn, and also costs plasm equal to the item’s Size.

Industriella griftegården •••••

The Sin-Eater gains dominion over every object within the Boneyard’s reach. Unlocking the Boneyard at this level raises the activation cost to 5 plasm, but thereafter, the Sin-Eater pays nothing to use any of the preceding Industrial Boneyard powers. Additionally, while this power is in effect, the Sin-Eater can spend 3 plasm to cause an object to do something completely unnatural, such as causing a chair to wrap its arms around someone sitting in it and restrain her or rearranging the oil on a painting to change what it
depicts. These unnatural effects only last as long as the Boneyard does before the object reverts to its prior shape.

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