Industriella förbannelsen

Industriella förbannelsen

Skill: Crafts

The Industrial Curse makes its victim anathema to the modern world. While the Pyre-Flame Curse simply causes items to fail, the Industrial Curse instills devices around the victim with a degree of malevolence. Computers come down with viruses and spyware even if they’re not connected to the Internet, tools slip out of the victim’s hands, and his car’s brakes fail at the worst possible moment. The Sin-Eater using this hex must choose the most recent technology that the curse will affect, and use the appropriate modifier listed under the Industrial Key. The hex won’t affect any newer technology — so hexing a victim hard enough to screw with her laptop won’t fuck with her hybrid car.

The base effect of the Industrial Curse reduces the equipment modifier of a piece of technology to 0. Devices with a negative modifier aren’t affected. The device doesn’t stop functioning, but it fights the cursed character every step of the way.

Industriella förbannelsen ••

Every piece of technology the victim owns turns its bonus into a penalty. The more a device has helped in the past, the more it hinders now. Items that already give a penalty, whether through shoddy workmanship or inherent instability, have their penalty increased by two.

Industriella förbannelsen •••

Every roll the victim makes involving the item deals one point of damage to the item per activation success. This damage is affected by Durability as normal.

Industriella förbannelsen ••••

An affected device twists in the victim’s hands, sharp edges protruding surprisingly deep. Every roll the victim makes with an affected piece of technology deals him three dice of bashing damage. The Sin-Eater must spend an extra point of plasm to activate this effect.

Industriella förbannelsen •••••

Accidents happen. Brake lines snap and loaded guns go off before the victim’s had a chance to draw them. The Sin-Eater must spend two points of plasm to activate this effect. One item of technology with an equipment modifier of less than or equal to the activation successes deals (3 x its equipment modifier) dice of lethal damage to the victim.

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